Mercury F40 EFI PRO: feeling bigger

The Mercury F40 EFI PRO is the top in the range of the 40HP American outboards, featuring a bigger stern. We tested it on a quite large rib, designed to carry a maximum output of 150HP. A tough challenge indeed for this 4-stroke Made in USA.

Mercury F40 EFI PRO on a Marlin 630: a good match if you look for a large rib (6,30 mt overall, for a beam of 2,56 m) and you don’t want to go for big money. First of all, the construction doesn’t indulge in useless frills, rather offering a traditional rib, with cure for details and sturdy build. The hull is three-layered, fiberglass, designed by Marlin, while the tubular is made in neoprene-hypalon 1300 g/mc, with 5 chambers and a diameter of 50 cm. The classic layout features a bow sunbed and a locker underneath, a center console with a bench to the front that can be tilted to access the wiring and the optional water tank. Another locker is below the pilot’s seat, whose back can be moved to drive while standing or to face to the back for an aft dinette. Two extensions can enlarge the bow solarium back to the console and the aft one forward to the piloting seat. With a third locker below the back seat, room won’t be a problem even when the maximum 10 passengers are aboard. The rollbar featured on our test boat hinders the look, but it’s useful for mounting the awnings and hosting the navigation lights.


Mercury F40 EFI PRO

Among the four-stroke, 40 HP from Mercury, this uniti s the top of the range. Instead of being a 747cc, three cylinder block, this is a 1-liter four pots. The difference with the EFI Orion is in the larger mid-low section, which better suits the match with a big boat like this Marlin 630. The features are the same of the other Mercury FourStroke range: single overhead cam, long stroke for higher torque and good acceleration even with heavy load. The patented EFI technology grants an immediate start and a good control of the fuel flow, to reduce fuel consumption.


The test

The water of the lake is calm, just some south wind mvoes the surface. The hull of the Marlin 630 moves around steadily and safely, and despite the lack of power the performance is pretty good. 3,5 seconds are enough to reach the plane, 12 allow to get to the cruising speed of 20 knots. The results are obtained with little load and a three bladed, 13” propeller. What’s even more interesting is the fuel consumption: at 20 knots (5000 rpm) the engine sips just 16.3 liter per hour, thus granting a long day of cruising around. At the minimum planing speed, which is 9.5 knots and 3200 rpm, the fuel need drops to 7 lph. So if you want a roomy, safe and cheap to run rib the Marlin 630 matched to Mercury 40 EFI PRO seems one of the best options. Ok, there’s no way to exceed 26 knots of top speed, not even working with the trim, but on the other hand the feeling is extremely safe and comfortable in every condition.


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