Delphia Escape 1050, relax and enjoy

Classic design and much space for the Delphia Escape 1050, 10-meter displacing boat from the Polish yard.

The two brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot, from the lakeshore village of Olecko, Poland, are passionate sailors. So when they decided to build motor yachts, they wanted them to give the sensation of cruising on a sailship. That’s why Delphia builds displacing yachts, with little engines, for relaxing and inexpensive cruises.

The traditional shape of the hull makes Delphia 1050 ideal for families, who will enjoy large spaces on the foredeck and in the cockpit. The simple design is a good compromise among functionality, space and aesthetics. The unexperienced boaters won’t find any difficulties in berthing, thanks to the twin rudders and the standard bow thruster.


More, the Delphia Escape 1050 can get certification in B or C class, depending on draught and displacement.  Big fuel and fresh water tanks make it perfect for long range cruises.

The inner layout can be picked among many versions, with two or three cabins. In the former case the bathroom will be larger with a separate shower. The bow cabin can feature a king bed in the middle or a queen one to starboard and a sofa to port. The dinette is located amidships, but it’s still possible to choose on which side, and the galley will be on the opposite.

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These are the main specs of Delphia Escape 1050: length overall 10.50 mt (34ft 5in), length hull LH 9.95 mt (32ft 8in), beam 3.45 mt (11ft 4in), draught 0.65-0.75 mt (25-29in), displacement 4500-5200 Kg, engine 30 to 180HP, fuel tank 80 lt (21 US gal), fresh water tank 210 lt (55 US gal), CE certification B8/C8.

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