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Watch everywhere: the new Simrad Halo radar

Simrad Halo is the new Pulse Compression radar. It’s the first open-array system for pleasure navigation, capable of high performances thanks to the solid state technology with pulse compression.

Matching the advantages of Broadband Radar (introduced in 2009 by Simrad Yachting as BR24) with the ones of traditional pulse radars, Simrad Halo grants visibility in navigation and close range performance down to 6 meters, in the blind zone of a short range radar, where before only a broadband radar could operate. All of this, still offering top performance in the long range distance up to 72 nm, according to the model.


Thanks to beam sharpening with Target Separation Control, the resolution offered by Simrad Halo is unprecedented. In Dual Range, it works as two radars in one, without signal loss, and monitoring two distance ranges at the same time plotted on a split screen. The custom modes Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD tune the advanced signal processing, to grant the targets are clearly visible even in the hardest conditions. There’s a further “Custom” mode to best suite the owner’s preferences.

The Dual Range mode means that Simrad Halo can track Marpa targets separately. Up to 20 targets can be monitored, showing the closest path to each and the time to target.

Unlike the traditional pulse radars, Simrad Halo is not based on a powerful magnetron, and this allows it to create an extremely precise and clear image, instantaneously booting from stand-by (and requiring 16 to 25 sec from power-on, rather than the usual 2-3 minutes of warm up).  The solid state brushless rotor grants a silent run at every speed. The design of this motor makes wearing off and maintenance less frequent than on a traditional, mechanic pulse radar.

More, the solid state technology means compliance with the most recent standards for lower pressure and radiation, making it safe to use Iit while anchoring and in marinas. Simrad Halo is safe in terms of radiations for everybody stands in the array range. In stand by mode, the power required is 6.5 W as compared to 10-15 W of a traditional device.

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With a low power need, support for 12 or 24 Volts, and availability of open-array models for 3, 4 or 6 ft arrays, Simrad Halo is perfect for small and medium sized power boats, and can be linked via Ethernet to all the multipurpose displays NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 by Simrad. Installation of the antenna has been made simpler, using the same thin cable and connectors of Radar Broadband 3G and 4G systems. The slim open-array antenna stays on top a curved pedestal, unlike the boxy cases of traditional radars. The base of the antenna of Simrad Halo is enlightened by a soft blue LED. This light is integrated in the base itself and can be customized with four levels of intensity, dimmable through an elegant display.

The new Pulse Compression Simrad Halo radar is already on the market, at selected dealers, with an MSRP (excluding taxes) of 5000 € for Halo3, 5500 € for Halo4, and 6000 € for Halo 6.

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