Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring with Suzuki DF200AP: love at first sight

The Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring meets Suzuki DF200AP, and it immediately seems a marriage made in heaven. We tested them in La Spezia, Italy. Here’s our impressions.

When Ranieri International entered the rib market, they did it properly. The first model, this Cayman 23 Sport Touring (there’s also the Sport version), along with the siblings Cayman 19 Sport and Cayman 21 Sport make for a complete range in the high end of the market.

The coupling with the Suzuki FP200AP is really successful, probably better than with Evinrude G2 whose 250 HP are…too many. As for the Suzuki,  HYPERLINK “http://www.boatmaginternational.com/1664-new-suzuki-df200a-super/” here’s my impressions when it was first launched on the market last year.

Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

As the flagship of the Ranieri ribs, the Cayman 23 Sport Touring is the best choice for the boater who wants some extra comfort beside the large open spaces offered by the Sport version. The console is bigger, and hides a small cabin accessible by tilting the front part: the inner dimensions are enough for large people while two portholes on the sides give light and air. Much gear can be stored around, for fishing or other sports.


I like the two toned livery of the Cayman range: the black abaft gives some elegance, but doesn’t cover the tubular that could otherwise become hot under the sun. The fore sunpad is large and hides a locker that stands out for the clear finish of the inside panels. The fiberglass stand for the anchor winch is properly sized and faces a front couch, just before the console.



The dashboard has a captivating look thanks to the black color, while the layout of the Suzuki instruments is ergonomic and all the data are easily readable. The windshield is flamed by a sturdy frame which is the perfect handrail during fast navigation.

ranieri-cayman-23-e-df200ap_9-938x535 ranieri-cayman-23-e-df200ap_8-938x535 ranieri-cayman-23-sport-touring-dinette

To leave more space to the back dinette, there’s no pilot seat but just a backseat for standing. Setting up the aft area for a picnic is extremely easy and quick: a tilting table, a moving seat that leaves space for the (optional) grill, sink and refrigerator. The transom couch can be lowered to turn into a solarium, while its sides are protected by padded fiberglass.

The test of Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

The gulf of La Spezia is not really calm, as the wind raises some short waves and many vessels coming across create disturbing wakes. So, it’s time to start our test of the Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring with Suzuki FP200AP “White Edition”.

The first figures I read confirm the good impressions I had of this engine on Geneva lake (again, here’s that test): much torque, fast acceleration and excellent mileage. The sound-meter gives good results as well despite being hindered by the wind.


The propeller is steel, three blades, 21.5” and grants a quick progression: 3 seconds to get into plane, 22 for the top speed of 43 knots (6100 rpm, 68 liters per hour). We think the actual owners will go for a quieter (and cheaper) ride: in the range between 4500 and 5000 rpm, the speed is around 30 knots and the fuel burns at 40 liters per hour. Slowest plane is at 2700 rpm and 12.5 knots for an excellent 12 lph.

The new electronic throttle levers are quite expensive and very sensitive: the slightest touch (even by mistake) triggers the boat into a brutal acceleration, while their adjustment needs to be done carefully. The computerized drive-by-wire system, called Suzuki Precision Control, can help by managing the inverter and the fuel control. The Suzuki Keyless Start, with immobilizer to protect against thefts, uses an electronic key with encoded proximity sensor, so the engine can be started by just pressing a button when staying within one meter rom the console.


Crossing the short waves of the gulf in great fun in this Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring: never we hear any thud from the bow, so the navigation is smooth and relaxing. The handling is excellent and the sharpest turns are easy and safe, giving the idea of never exceeding the limits. Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring and Suzuki DF200AP, they matched perfectly since the moment they met.

Technical features of Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

Length overall 7,10 mt (23ft 4in)
Beam 2,85 mt (9ft 4in)
Tubula diameter 0,60 mt (23in)
Displacement, no engine 700 Kg
Engine max 250 HP
Fuel tank 200 lt (52 US gal)
Fresh water tank (optional) 45 lt (11US gal)
Passengers 15
CE certification B

Performance of Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

rpm knots mph lph nm/l dB Range
(20% res)
1000 3,0 3,5 2,7 1,11 64 178
1500 5,0 5,8 5,3 0,94 70 151
2000 6,0 6,9 8 0,75 71 120
2500 10,0 11,5 11 0,91 74 145
3000 16,0 18,4 14 1,14 77 183
3500 21,0 24,2 19 1,11 78 177
4000 25,0 28,8 25 1,00 79 160
4500 29,0 33,4 36 0,81 82 129
5000 33,0 38,0 44 0,75 83 120
5500 36,0 41,4 63 0,57 84 91
6100 43,0 49,5 68 0,63 85 101


Test conditions
Slightly moderate sea, temperature 27 ° C (81 ° F), clean hull, fuel 100%, water 0%, passengers 2

Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring only hull€ 27900 approx, + VAT
Suzuki DF200AP  from€ 20550 approx, + VAT

Visit Ranieri International website
Visit Suzuki Marine website

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