BWA Sport 19 GT, small but roomy

The space aboard the new BWA Sport 19 GT has been cleverly organized, to make it extremely liveable: just take a look at the size and position of the two benches astern. The side seat-backs are comfortable and safe at the same time. Furthermore, tilting the crowning back you can get a sunbed and easily access to the swim platform. With an insert among the two benches the relax area gets even larger.
The foredeck offers another sunbed, which takes advantage of the wide beam of the bow. Another insert makes it occupy all the area afore the helm station. The front bench takes the number of seats to a total of six, quite a record for the category. The helm station is roomy and you can pilot while standing, leaning on the back, or seating.
Built with high-end materials and criteria, still this Sport 19 GT has a competitive price, and offers a good customization with accessories such as the rollbar or the sun cover. The deck shines thanks to neopentyl gelcoat, while the two-tone tubular with red trim give an elegant yet sporty look.
Suggested power is 100HP, but it can be fitted with a 40 or a 60HP outboard as well.

The new BWA sport 19 GT In numbers

Length o.a. 5,90 mt (19ft 4in)
Beam 2,50 mt (8ft 2in)
Tubular diameter 56cm (22in)
Compartments: 5
Max no. of passengers: 10
Fuel tank: 90 lt (23,8 US gal)
Minimum power 60HP
Suggested power 100HP
Mazimum power 150HP
Outboard engine leg: L
Weight: 500Kg
Design class B
Price 17,863 € + VAT

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