Dipiù 900 SS, carbon fiber at 50 knots

The new Dipiù 900 SS debuted in Cannes: not at the boat show, but at the Film Festival held in May 2015, where she was the taxi boat to move celebrities to the exclusive Baoli Beach.

The presentation couldn’t possibly be better for this boat, not even if it were on the traditional September stage during the Yachting Festival. The Dipiù (Italian for “more”) 900 SS features an exclusive and original design that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the best cinema event in the world.

Waiting to discover about the origins of the brand, we can say something about this project. Dipù 900 SS is born in Italy, at Laboratorio del Mare premises, while the design is from Roberto Curtò, already behind over 60 boat projects for boatyards worldwide.

Exclusive performance

Dipiù 900 SS is built entirely in carbon fiber, both for the hull and the superstructure, and this kept the displacement under two tons (!) for a length of 9.60 meters (32 feet). So, with a couple of Volvos delivering 225 HP each, the boat is capable of 50 knots, according to the manufacturer. More, they want to go for a 900R (for racing) version with a total of 860 HP and a stunning power to weight ratio.

di-piu-900-ss-10 di-piu-900-ss-6 di-piu-900-ss-7 di-piu-900-ss-engines

Given the performance, safety is a priority: the windshield is tall and wrapping on the sides, while two side protections repair the aft couch and taper down towards the solarium.

Dipiù 900 SS interiors feature a full beam couch down the stairway, a fore double bed, and a small heads.

di-piu-900-ss-interiors di-piu-900-ss-layout

Needless to say, everything is customizable: from fabrics to joinery, from exterior cushions to colors.


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