Cannes Yachting Festival: Volvo Penta introduces the Forward Drive

Volvo Penta Forward Drive is another benchmark innovation in marine transmissions from the Swedish manufacturer ,after Sterndrives, Duoprop, IPS, Joystick.

With a press conference just before the opening of Cannes Yachting Festival, Volvo Penta announces the debut of  Volvo Penta Forward Drive (FWD) on the European market, after the good feedback received during Miami Boat Show in February 2015.

The new stern transmission Volvo Penta Forward Drive features the known, versatile Duoprop solution but with forward propellers, which makes it ideal for marine sports but also for better efficiency as the blades work in clean air, undisturbed by the interference of their own support.


Volvo Penta Forward Drive innovation

Ten years ago   Volvo Penta made a leap…forward in marine propulsion, introducing Volvo Penta IPS where transmission worked through pods with propellers in the front. The patented system saw two counter-rotating props pulling the boat, mounted on independently moving pods.

Volvo Penta Forward Drive grants faster acceleration, lower fuel consumption, versatility. More, it proved to be ideal for sports such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing, and safer when diving from the transom of the boat.

Similar to wakeboarding but without the towing line, wakesurfing allows the athlete to ride the neverending wave created by the hull’s wake, on much longer distances than on traditional surf. With Volvo Penta Forward Drive the pilot can create different wakes for different skill levels, and can count on a better response from the boat in low speed maneuvering and docking.


Not just sport

At the moment Volvo Penta Forward Drive is only available on boats by the US yards Four Winns and Regal, while marketing in Europe is under definition. Feedback from American customers has been enthusiastic. Ron Huibers, Chairman with Volvo Penta of the Americas, says: “Clients keep on calling our dealers to tell them how their boat is now more reactive at the helm, easy and fun to drive. Comfort has increased and emissions have gone down”.

Forward Drive propulsion reduces noise and vibration, removing fumes and smells from the deck as exhaust gasses are expelled underwater. The trimming stern allows to correct the boat balance and find the best efficiency and comfort at any desired speed. At anchor, with the stern fully lowered, the blades are right under the hull, making fishing and swimming around the boat safe.

In addition, the advantages of Volvo Penta Duoprop increase efficiency by neutralizing side momentum, increasing handling and reducing cavitation. Developed in cooperation with several boatyards, Volvo Penta Forward Drive allows better performance with rather small and light engines.
Cherry on the cake, one of the most appreciated pros with Volvo Penta: a fully integrated solution “helm to prop” where every part is designed built and serviced by the same manufacturer. The new Volvo Penta Forward Drive carries a five year warranty.


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