2016 preview: Tohatsu MFS15/20D and MFS25/30C

After the 40HP unit introduced last year, the four-stroke family in the Tohatsu range expands with the MFS15/20D and MFS25/30C.

Four strokes for four models: this could be the title for the Japanese manufacturer’s season. HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”Tohatsu MFS15/20D and MFS25/30C mean four power steps and two perfectly modular  blocks: bore and stroke are the same (61×60 mm), while displacement is 351 cc for the two-cylinder 15 and 20 HP, and 526 cc for the three-pots 25 and 30 HP.


Under the  MFS40A sign

The new outboards have been developed starting from the MFS40/50A units introduced last year, so they feature the new and captivating look and a cowling with an additional gasket to insulate the engine from water. On the smaller ones some mechanical parts of the reverse gear have been changed to improve reliability and there’s a new, more effective system to reduce noise and vibrations.


The three cylinder units feature more new details. Beside the mentioned cowling, there’s a new final ratio (26:12 or 2.17) optimized for larger propellers, with positive consequences on speed and consumption. The MFS25/30C also see the introduction of an idle regulator: it can be set on three levels (850, 950, 1050 rpm) using the start key and it’s ideal for trawling. More, TOCS has been mounted: Tohatsu Onboard Communication System allows to easily connect with the instrumentation gauges and with any screen compatible with NMEA2000 protocols. Last, a new fresh-water rinse for the inner ducts can be used also when the engine is off.


Indicative prices

Tohatsu MFS 15from € 2500 + VAT

Tohatsu MFS 20from € 2700 + VAT

Tohatsu MFS 25 from € 3400 + VAT

Tohatsu MFS 30 from € 3660 + VAT

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