Gamers watch out, there’s a new way for underwater vision

Garmin has introduced Panoptix PS60, a new thru-hull down transducer with fairing block, for medium and large boats, with an extremely detailed underwater view.

This is possible with a revolutionary sonar technology which recreates in real time 3D detailed images of what is beneath and around the boat, including moving shoals, and even when the craft is not moving.

garmin-panoptix-screen-2-300x300 garmin-panoptix-screen-3-300x300

Panoptix PS60 can work upon three different settings: LiveVü Down, RealVü 3D Down e RealVü 3D Historical. Here’s how they function:

LiveVü Down gives real time images of everything that stays underneath the boat, allowing to see fish and especially the direction of their swim.

RealVü™ 3D Down scans and visualizes, in 3D and real time, what is beneath the boat even when it’s still, offering an exact and realistic perception of the sea bottom.

RealVü 3D Historical reproduces a three-dimensional history of everything has passed under the boat, allowing to spot fish position, peculiar highlights, shape of the bottom.

If it’s not like shoving your head in the water, it gets very close to it.

In addition, the Panoptix PS60 is equipped with a fast-reacting AHRS sensor that allows to continuously synchronize the signal in order to compensate the roll and pitch of the boat. The package includes also a  fairing block, which can correct hull inclination up to 25 degrees.

All the Panoptix transductors are compatible with Garmin GpsMap chartplotters from the series 8000, 1020, 820 and 721.

Panoptix PS60 will be marketed from November 2015 at an indicative price of around 4000 Euros.

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