Two feet can change a boat. Here’s the new Rio Colorado 56

Rio Colorado 56 is the restyling of 54: a model that in 2010 brought innovation in style and design. Five years later, the baton goes to the successor.

The Colorado keeps its consolidated elements, in terms of innovation: the core factors are still totally up to date with the market needs. What needed to be changed is the details, in order to increase the appeal of a successful model. The takeover in the Rio Yachts range focuses on details such as the enlarged swim platform, whose electro-hydraulic movement eases launch of a tender or jet-ski. The exterior look drops the metallic paint (unless required by the owner) in lieu of “total white”, both for the hull and the superstructure. A different and more articulated  range of engines is now available, while improvements have been made to onboard systems and furniture details.

colorado-56-rioyachts_m-938x535 colorado-56-rioyachts-pozzetto-e-guida-938x535  colorado-56-rioyachts-tavolo-esterno-bis-938x535colorado-56-rioyachts-cucina-938x535

Powertrains space from a twin Cummins QSM 11-715 Zeus, 2×715 HP, to Volvo Penta D11 2×725, or to the top Man R6 8090 2×800, as requested by the last customer.

By the way we remind that Rio Yachts is open to deep customization, to the point that the Colorado itself generated a one-off version, named Granturismo, and the same happened with Paranà 38.

The layout goes for three cabins, with the master amidships, the VIP to fore (a double bed splits into twin), and the guest one along the port side.

colorado-56-rioyachts-cabina-poppa-938x535 colorado-56-rioyachts-terza-cabina-938x535 colorado-56-rioyachts-cabina-prua-938x535

To get an idea of the design innovation we mentioned in the opening, it’s enough to take a llok at the Colorado 56 photo gallery. A good example is provided by the galley, located abow from the helmstation, on a lower level, being also a passageway to the cabins. The interior trim is characterized by light shades and frosted glasses.

In the end, Colorado keeps the innovation, but improves look and comfort. This was the target of designer Marino Alfani.

U:Disegni Barche54 AIR + 62Colorado 54 EB 2014 - Viste.dwg Mo U:Disegni Barche54 AIR + 62Colorado 54 EB 2014 - Viste.dwg Mo

The numbers of Rio Colorado 56



Length overall

17.55 mt (57ft 7in)


4.65 mt (15ft 3in)

Dry displacement

21500 Kg



Fuel reserve

2.250 lt (594 US gal)

Fresh water reserve

630 lt (166 US gal)


6 + 1


2 + 1


Marino Alfani

Design coordination

Rio Yachts


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