Mind the price: the new Lowrance Hook fishfinders

New color screens with improved performance. It’s the new Lowrance Hook-3x and Hook-3x DSI fishfinders:the key factor is the price, ranging approximately from € 100 to 280 (+VAT).

Both feature a back-lit colo LED display, clearly visible even under the sunlight.

Hook-3x uses the Broadband Sounder and Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) technologies, with the latter allowing a sharp separation of the target with a further noise reduction.


The Hook-3x DSI model uses instead the DownScan Imaging technology to provide anglers a clear, photographic vision of the points where shales are located underneath the boat.

A simple and intuitive interface, with a menu for page selection, makes easy to use Hook-3x, with one-thumb quick access.

The water-proofing level of the new Lowrance Hook models is IPx7, in addition, they can feature the optional All Season Pack which includes a Skimmer suction-cup transductor, for smaller crafts, and a transductor specific for fishing on ice.


The MSRP suggested by Lowrance are:

  1. Fishfinder HOOK-3x  – 3 inches, RRP:  € 101 + VAT
  2. Fishfinder HOOK-3x DSI – 3 inches, DownScan Imaging, RRP: € 159 + VAT
  3. Fishfinder HOOK-3x – 3 inches, All Season Pack, RRP: € 279 + VAT

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