Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport: space in eight meters

Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport is a RIB with refined finish and good practicality. And a narrow console.

Inside the rich lineup of ribs offered by Ranieri International, Cayman 26 Sport targets boaters who don’t need the privacy of a small cabin (as on the Sport Touring version) and prefer a slim dashboard for a larger walking area. And there’s a further version called Diving with simplified trim, for a more professional use.


The refined simplicity of Cayman 26 Sport

The main difference between Cayman 26 Sport and 26 Sport Touring is all in the console, which in our case is slimmer, still featuring a front-facing settee and an articulated dashboard with the electronic instruments from Yamaha to monitor the F250D engine from the Japanese manufacturer.


The windscreen protects and offers a good grab in the handle that frames it, while the back of the settee sports a wet bar with grill and a back-faced bench. All the rest of the space is free for guests to move around.


To bow, the sun pad turns into a dinette removing the center part. Beneath it two lockers with inner countermold are easier to clean and add rigidity. The foremost one hosts the anchor winch, with the anchor itself not visible when resting under the tip of the tubular.

ranieri-cayman-26-sport ranieri-cayman-26-sport

A second dinette can be set to bow, with the passage to the swim platform on port side. Custom cleats and cushions on both sides of the fiberglass countermold enhance the cure for details.


ranieri-cayman-26-sport ranieri-cayman-26-sport

 The test

Rough sea and strong wind are the ideal conditions for testing the seaworthiness of Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport, although not the top speed. Still, staying close to the shore I take advantage of the engine progression and the hull steadiness to reach 47 knots wide open throttle. The sensation is to be always in control and safe, even when turning sharp. Part of the merit for the high performance is on the Yamaha F250D outboard, perfectly coupled to a 17” three-blade propeller. What doesn’t convince me is the feeling a bit harsh from throttle and helm commands.

Minimum plane speed is 15 knots at 2400 rpm, with a fuel need of 16 liters per hour. The following day, on a much calmer water, it’s time to test acceleration: with three passengers on board, we reach plane in just over 3 seconds and 30 knots in another 5.

The numbers of Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport

Length   7.80 m (25ft 7in)

Beam   2.80 m (9ft 2in)

Displacement   700 Kg

Tubula diameter   0.60 m (23in 5/8)

Chambers   5

Max output   300 HP

Min output   175 HP

Fuel reserve   210 l (55 US gal)

Fresh water reserve   45 l (11 US gal) (optional)

Ce design category   B





Test conditions
Rough sea, temperature 30° C (86° F), clean hull, fuel 170 l (44 US gal), water 40 l (10 US gal), passengers 2

Indicative price

Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport   € 30,700 + VAT

Ranieri International Cayman 26 Sport Diving   € 29,000 + VAT


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