Boat storage with Nautica Bego: here’s why

Nautica Bego is one of the qualified centers for dry berthing your boat on Lake Maggiore, besides being the reference for boaters from Lombardy and Piedmont. Here’s how they take care of your craft.

If you “love your boat” you don’t go to just any yard when it’s a matter of winter maintenance and storage. The advice is not to stick to the price, but double check the professionalism of the handcraft and especially the quality of materials and tools used to take care of your boat. Some details may rise the final check, but they positively affect the quality of the final work and the reliability of your boat in the following years.


Warranties from Nautica Bego

Nautica Bego is albe to take care of any maintenance work. In order to get a quotation you need to contact the sales office who will write it down along with the proposal of a maintenance contract. Then, their personnel will coordinate and manage all the work, complying to all the rules and laws about health and safety, up to the final delivery. They will also provide you the photo records of all the steps of the job. If the customer want, Nautica Bego will house the boat for the winter season, ready to be launched again when the good weather starts again.


“An ever-increasing number of clients, many of which are foreigners thanks to the proximity of Switzerland with dwellers from all over the world, are getting to know our structure” – says Maurizio Bego, the “jack of all trades” in Nautica Bego.
“We are growing endlessly, and this is the proof that we’ve been able to build trust with boaters. Care and choice of the right materials are fundamental for any good maintenance work: thanks to our second premise, the Yachting Store managed by the competent and kind Mrs. Marisa, we selected the right products aiming to find the best value for money”.

The checklist of “Why Not Team” with Natica Bego


Above: deck and superstructure

  • Cleaning and washing of gelcoat and varnish with specific products
  • Polishing of sides, cockpit, superstructure (if needed)
  • Polishing of steel with specific products
  • Check and cleaning of anchor and chain
  • Check of mast and shrouds
  • Check of sheets, halyards and mooring lines
  • Cleaning of cushions
  • Check and cleaning of sails (if needed)

Inside: cabins and engine bay

  • Check of battery level
  • Check of switchers
  • Check of electronics
  • Application of non-oxidants on electrical connections


  • High-pressure wash and check of hull
  • Sanding and removal of old anti-fouling
  • Check for osmosis
  • Application of primer (if needed)
  • Application of anti-fouling (two layers)
  • Replacement of zinc plates with magnesium ones (for fresh water)
  • Check and cleaning of water intakes
  • Outboard and stern-driven engines
  • Washing

Service including:

  • Replacement of fuel filter
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Oil change
  • Air filter change
  • Check of cooling system and replacement of the impeller (if needed)
  • Check and replacement of drive belt (if needed)
  • Check of stern sleeves
  • Sterndrive oil change
  • Check of propellers’ condition
  • Outboard engines
  • Replacement or clening of spark plugs
  • Impeller change
  • Oil change (4 strokes)
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Check of propellers’ condition

These are the main checks on every boat at Nautica Bego. Every customer gets a working advance record and an explanation sheet with “down-to-earth” words in order to perfectly clarify any intervention.


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