Quicksilver Active 755 Open: think big

With the new Quicksilver Active 755 Open the full-open formula is developed on a larger scale, with interesting results.

Everything happens outside
BoatMag International has already introduced the Active 755 Weekend, the cabin version of this 7-meters from the English yard. But our test is for the Open version.
Outdoor space is the factor on Quicksilver Active 755 Open. The layout is rational, with no doubles (just one solarium for instance) and the right space for everything. This is particularly true on the fore deck, which is very well organized. The center element work as table or support, giving the choice to go for a dinette or a stuffed sun pad (or just a U-shaped bench). A bimini cover can protect from the sun in the hottest hours of the day.
Being the helmstation to starboard, the passageway is just one to port, and the tall bulwark make it safe. The same feeling of safety is there when sitting at the front dinette or laying for a sun tan. The anchor locker on the nose is covered with a small step which comes useful when front-mooring.

quicksilver-755-active-open  quicksilver-755-active-open

The piloting console is fairly dimensioned for a front settee and a small cabin which can host a potty and a transversal, rather small berth. The dashboard design is well cured, in a different color than the hull and with an ample windshield to protect the driver. Who will have the chance to pilot while sitting or standing, and to mount in front of him all the electronics that may be handy.
Moving abaft, behind the captain’s chair there’s a kitchenette with sink, grill and refrigerator, then an L couch with a chaise longue to starboard and the passage to port for the swim platform(s).

Which engine?

Overcharged or naturally aspirated? The Mercury offer covers either choice, both 4-strokes and both available in bundle with Quicksilver Active 755 Open. On top of the Four Stoke range there’s Mercury F150 EFI, 3-liter 4-cylinders naturally aspirated: it’s the epitome of sturdiness and forefather of the new design address by the American company. On the supercharged side, the Verado family in this case says F175 and F200 with the 4-pot block (1732 cc  the displacement), and Pro 250 and Pro 300 for the 6 cylinders (2598 cc).


The test: one boat, four outboards

Let’s focus on “just” four of the six available engines for our Active 755. The power ranges from 150 HP of the NA F150, to 200, 250 0r 300 HP for the Verados. The price difference is around 10,000 Euros between the two extremes.
As for the propellers, they’re all 3-bladed Enertia Eco. 14 inches for F150, 15” for the mid ones and 16” for the top choice.
According to the tests from the boatyard, the speed span is 10 knots between the lowest and highest power step, while the displacement remains almost the same at 2300-2400 Kg including 400 Kgs of “extras”, which could easily increase considering 8 passengers, gear, and filled tanks.
There’s other factors then to drive the choice: we see a day-boater who doesn’t need speed and cares about low operating costs going for the F150. On the other hand, those who enjoy a large company of friends and much water activities, such as scuba diving, have to go for a Verado.
Last factor we haven’t mentioned, it’s the quality of construction and the seaworthiness of the hull, and in these fields Quicksilver is a guarantee.

The numbers of Quicksilver Activ 755 Open

Length overall 7.23 m (23ft 9in)
Length hull LH 6.95 m (22ft 10in)
Beam 2.55 m (8ft 4in)
Displacement 1389 Kg
Engine max 300 HP
Fuel reserve 280 l (73 US gal)
Fresh water tank 80 l (21 US gal)
Passengers 8
CE Design category C


performance mercury f150 EFI performance mercury f200 verado performance mercury f250 verado performance mercury f300 verado

Indicative prices (VAT not included)

  • Mercury F150 EFI € 30,000
  • Mercury F175 Verado € 32,700
  • Mercury F200 Verado € 33,300
  • Mercury F225 Verado € 34,000
  • Mercury F250 Verado € 35,500
  • Mercury F300 Verado € 37,600

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