Garmin Nautix: you can leave your glasses on

Garmin Nautix is the first mirroring device specifically dedicated to boating, and allows to do something unimaginable before: to have all your navigation data right on your glasses. It’s one of the 40 new products announced by Garmin for 2016.

The innovation of Garmin Nautix


With this brand new wearable device you can visualize straight on the lens of your glasses the data about water depth and temperature, speed, route, wind direction, engine info, and more. Everything is transmitted by a Garmin on-board device, allowing to concentrate in complex operations such as mooring.
Garmin Nautix is light at just 28 grams, and is mounted on both the glasses’ side bows. Thanks to the integrated accelerometer it can adapt the image for a correct vision on either side. The brightness sensor adjusts the image resolution according to external light to grant the best visibility.


The Garmin Nautix touch panel, designed to stand in the worst weather conditions, allows to go through pages with just a swipe, even with wet hands or gloves on. The battery gives eight hours of operating time so it comes handy for regattas or any day-long navigation. Garmin Nautix  has been designed for motor navigation and sport fishing, and it is compatible with GPSMAP 7400 chartplotters, GPSMAP 8400 multi-purpose screens and GNX Wind display.
Garmin Nautix will be available from June at an indicative price of € 400 + taxes.

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