Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit: control, at the touch of a finger

The new generation of Glass Cockpit expands Volvo Penta’s collaboration with Garmin for a monitoring and control system that makes boating easier.

Glass Cockpit encompasses the latest navigational technology from Garmin and Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC) to provide an integrated platform for the driver. The application was first launched in 2013, and is now available for use with both the 7600 and 8600 series of multi-functional displays (MFD) from Garmin, with size up to 24 inches


Fully Customized user interface

Integration of all functions into this system means that drivers can access all operational and monitoring controls on one interface, and change layouts to suit their own particular requirements and wishes, at any given time. Certain boating functions, such as operating in reverse and using radar, require more focus. For example, by customizing information on layouts and linking them to the control and joystick, drivers can press an assigned button on the joystick which will bring up the docking camera view on the display.

Volvo-Penta-Glass-Cockpit_1-938x535 Volvo-Penta-Glass-Cockpit_2-938x535

A wide range of use Glass Cockpit offers Garmin’s 7600 and 8600 series of multi-function displays (MFD) in sizes from 7 to 24-inches. Such range of screens means that the application can be used by sports boats right up to large yachts. More, the system can access all Garmin Marine Network capabilities including radar, sonar, chart-plotter, 3D maps, tide tables, instruments, sensors, digital switching, thermal cameras, and more. Glass Cockpit received an innovation award at the International Boat-Builders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) after its initial launch in 2013, and a DAME Design Award at the Marine Equipment Trade Show later that year. The following year Volvo Penta was awarded the Asian Marine and Boating award for most innovative company, particularly for the Glass Cockpit concept, highlighting its advanced technology and design. The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System will be available to purchase exclusively through the Volvo Penta distribution network. Compatible radar, sonar and marine network accessories can be purchased from Garmin retailers.


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