Scanner Envy 860 Touring by Montemitro Design

Already from the first renderings Scanner Envy 860 Touring carries the unmistakable design from Donato Montemitro, founder and chairman of the yard.

The new Scanner Envy 860 Touring is due in the water next Fall. So far, we just have renderings, which already show how it’s an uncommon rib. Merit goes to Donato Monemitro, who happens to be also founder and chairman of Scanner boatyard.

Scanner Envy 860 Touring, new design

Scanner Marine is going to launch the new model to complete the renown Envy lineup (here our test of the Scanner Envy 950), at the same time marking an evolution in the yard’s design.
Among the main features, the elegant yet modern look of the lines, and the typical open layout which combines sportiness and practicality in 8.60 meters. The performance is expected to be exuberant, thanks to a total power in excess of 500 HP, and a hull designed for chopped sea.

The versions planned by Scanner for the Envy 860 Touring differ in the propulsion department: outboard engine or inboard with sterndrives. Both comply to the concept of “day boat”, but are perfect for coastal navigation or even as a tender for maxiyachts.
One of the key factors when purchasing a rib like this, with a relevant size and price, is the degree of customization. That’s why Scanner Marine offers a variety of choices in terms of options and colors available. Everything is developed inside the company, and also construction of this Scanner Envy 860 Touring will entirely happen in-house.


The numbers of Scanner Envy 860 Touring

Length overal 8.60 m (28ft 3in)
Beam 3.00 m (9ft 10in)
Tubular diameter 0.60-0.65 m (23-25 in)
Chambers 7
Tubular material hypalon-neoprene/1670dtex
Passengers 16
Engines inboard with sd / outboard
Max output 550 HP
Design & Project Montemitro Design
CE design category B


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