Palmer Johnson and Bugatti join forces for a luxury, iconic yacht

Palmer Johnson, builder of the largest carbon-fiber in the world, and Bugatti, maker of the most powerful and fastest car ever, unite their brands and create a luxurious, fast yacht with adistinct design.

Palmer Johnson and Bugatti: two brands made for records. The American shipyard (now based in The Netherlands), and the supercar builder from France (with German ownership) have lately announced a cooperation in order to market a line of super-exclusive yachts. Why are we talking of ‘re talking of two brands made for records? Palmer Johnson has give birth to the largest carbon-fiber yacht in the water, named Khalilah: 49 meters, 490 tons, it’s been launched in 2014. Bugatti is the maker of the fastest and most powerful series-car: Chiron developes 1500 HP for a top speed of 420 Km/h.


Palmer Johnson – Bugatti niniette: from tradition to ultra-light materials

So, let’s what two leading brands like Palmer Johnson and Bugatti have conceived: the yacht range will be namend Niniette, which was the nickname Ettore Bugatti dubbed his daughter Lidia. Built with carbon fiber and other composites, the three models will measure 42, 63 and 88 feet. The philosophy will follow the one adopted for the French cars: “form follows performance”. The hull sticks to the shape of the SuperSport line from Palmer Johnson, while the superstructure design is inspired by Bugatti Type 57C Atalante in the falling shoulder line and by Type 41 Royale in the balanced proportions.
More elegant details, can be found in the two-tone hull, and titan and carbon-fiber exposed details. On deck brown bubinga, maple or naturally blue oak wood provides a warm contrast with the lightweight high-tech materials.


Palmer Johnson – Bugatti niniette: 42 to 88 feet

As we mentioned, the cooperation between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti will give birth to three models: 42, 63 and 88 feet. They will all feature a monohull with two side elements to give more stability. Niniette 42 will be the “little” brother, with a maximum length of 13 meters and a price around 2 million Dollars.
63, the model in the furthest step of realization, will measure 20 metres in length and 6.2 in beam, and will sport a 63 square-meter salon on the main deck and a 43 sqm one on the lower deck. Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 63 will host 4 guests in two double cabins, and won’t forget a separate cabin for the crew. With a full-customization program inspired by the one available on the Chiron hyper-car, her price will be fixed in 3.25 million Dollars.
Still little information has been released about Niniette 88, except a length of 27 meters and a top speed, similar to the other models, of 38 knots: this is probably the only detail not fully suitable to a Bugatti…but we are sure that as soon as the Niniette will touch the water there will be plenty of awe.


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