Raymarine LightHouse II: new features Navionics

The latest update of Raymarine LightHouse II OS includes new navigation features and the chance to make your own bathymetric maps.

Thanks to the agreement between Flir Systems and their brand Navionics, leader in localization services for pleasure yachting, the Raymarine LightHouse II multi-purpose displays can now house new features, including Autorouting Dock-to-dock, SonarChart Live and Advanced Map Options.


Raymarine LightHouse II, all the innovations

Brand new feature in marine navigation: Autorouting Dock to Dock by Navionicsallows the creation of smart and detailed routes, even in critical situations such as canals and narrow passages. After selecting the start and arrival points on the Raymarine LightHouse II screen, Navionics algorithms reckon a detailed route based on cartographic and bathimetric data, and on navigation tools.
SonarChart Live works with Raymarine LightHouse II multi-purpose displays and allows to make customized bathimetric HD maps, with 50 centimeters interval, in real time. SonarChart Live and Raymarine work with the existing echo sounder to read new areas or anywhere the bottom shape could have changed, so to create new maps, immediately available on the screen. The innovative Plotter Sync for Navionics Boating apps function, Raymarine users can automatically load the sonar tracks and download updated maps. The data of the new areas are integrated in the SonarChart library as soon as they are read, then daily shared with Navionics users through the specific map software.

The new Advandced Map Options are made for anglers who use Raymarine LightHouse II and they allow to customize visualization of Navionics maps, highlighting shallow waters, selecting a specific fishing area, varying the density of the SonarChart bathymetric contours.
BoatMag International has already presented some innovations of Raymarine LightHouse II.

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