Yachting Store by Nautica Bego has plenty of ideas for your summer

Yachting Store by Nautica Bego is in Verbania, on lake Maggiore: it’s a goldmine of ideas and gear to add fun to your summer.

So you’re want to have fun on the water…but you miss a boat and some ideas. Yachting Store by Nautica Bego is there to help you. First of all, you can rent a boat. And they have plenty of solutions for any need. Next step: how to get the most of it?

Yachting Store by Nautica Bego has the answer

It is the same problem when if you actually own a boat. Even more so, because the use is more intense. So, inside Yachting Store by Nautica Bego you can stroll and look for ideas. The first proposal doesn’t require a boat: it’s Jobe Aero Sup, an inflatable paddle board complete with bag, pump and paddle. You can take it with you while riding a bicycle as it takes little space. It’s available in different models, starting from € 699.
What about your four-legged friends? Yachting Store has any kind of life vests, for dogs and humans.
And if you’re a hard-core skier, Yachting Store by Nautica Bego has the perfect kit. From € 199 you can wear it and water-ski straight away. In case you’re more keen of wakeboarding, your kit will cost you € 249 including latches.
For a less daring fun, there’s any kind of inflatable, towable toys: the most affordable start at just € 89.
There is more, because if you want to simply try one of the said activities for the first time, you don’t need to purchase the whole gear.  Once again, Nautica Bego has the rental solution to offer you skis, toys and wakeboards for just one day.
Last but not least, the sport apparel by North Sails, Helly Hansen and Henry Lloyd, with the summer sales on arrival.ggiabili.

Yachting-Store-Bego_jobe-official-dealer-yachting-store-verbania-lago-maggiore-sport-acquatici.jpg4_-938x535 Yachting-Store-Bego_Jobe-Aero-Sup-11.6-Surf-stand-up-paddle-gonfiabile-Sacca-Pompa-Pagaia-486416004-YACHTING-STORE-VERBANIA-LAGO-MAGGIORE.jpg1_-938x535 Yachting-Store-Bego_jobe_sports_acquatici_helmet_casco_wakeboard_sci_nautico_kneeboard_jet_sky_yachting_store_verbania_.jpg2_-938x535 Yachting-Store_Nautica-Bego_3-938x535 Yachting-Store_Nautica-Bego_2-938x535 Yachting-Store_Nautica-Bego_1-938x535

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