Cranchi Z35: classic, revisited

Cranchi Z35 takes the baton from a memorable model: the Zaffiro. And respecting the core values, it evolves in many aspects. The question, as I get closer to this Cranchi Z35, is just one: is there still a market for an “express cruiser”? We will see why the answer is yes, when the theme is developed like this.

Cranchi Z35: the deck

This is an open boat: no ifs, ands, or buts. Cranchi Z35 doesn’t pretend to be something else, so there’s just a rollbar that works as a support for antennas and for the awnings. The philosophy of the Zaffiro is intact. 
The large swim platform is a good access onboard the Cranchi Z35, but I wonder why the gangway had to be mounted right in the middle and not on one side. A small gate leads to the cockpit, whose layout is well articulated. The kitchenette to starboard is so complete that you don’t even feel the need for a proper galley below. The helm station features a double settee and a full set of instruments, although nowadays it feels a bit redundant to have both analogue and digital indications for the same parameters, such as speed and revs.



To port, a cosy dinette features a couch whose U shape allows to sit several guests. Moving abow, another sofa can turn into a chaise longue. The real plus is in the opening windscreen which allows, thanks to three steps, to access the fore solarium. This make the side passages almost unnecessary, still they are well protected by long hand rails.
Talking of the general look, it’s evident how the tall sides are made lighter by the dark strips, which enclose windows and portholes as well. As for the rollbar, normally it’s not my cup of tea, but in this case I must say it works well in the general aesthetics. As for the benefits, nothing to question.


Cranchi Z35: the interiors

The plexiglass companion door adds light to the lower salon, in addition to the two windows and portholes. Once inside, it is natural to feel comfortable and move around easily.
The dinette is on the port side and sports an L-sofa and a tea table which turns into a larger, proper one.


To aft, the guest cabin takes the full beam of the boat and features two beds which can unite to form a double. The headroom is fine by the entrance, but even above the bed it’s not so cramped. 
The master room to bow features a double bed to the middle and boasts a good care in terms of joinery, materials and color matches. Across Cranchi Z35 the fiberglass is almost completely hidden from the eye, and definitely so when talking of the lower deck.
The galley and the bathroom are both very large considering the size of the boat. The latter has separate shower box and can count on a rich yet practical design.


Cranchi Z35: the test

The sea is rough, but our Cranchi Z35 behaves perfectly. It seems to run on a rail still reacting fast to the inputs from the helm. The impact on the waves is soft and triggers no screeches from the structure.
With two Volvo Pentas D4, 260 HP each, and stern drives, we reach a top speed of 33 knots leaving the trim tabs almost untouched: Cranchi Z35 rides well and is very forgiving. The minimum planing pace is at 2000 rpm for 11 knots and 34 liters per hour of fuel, which exceed 100 at the top speed. Getting into plane is quite fast, without the nose getting too high thus leaving an excellent visibility.


The numbers of Cranchi Z35

Length overall               11.55 m (37 ft 11in)
Length hull LH               9.99 m (32ft 9in)
Beam                        3.49 m (11ft 5in)
Draught                   0.90 m (35 in)
Displacement               7500 Kg
Engines                   Volvo Penta D4 2×260 HP
Fuel reserve                   600 l (158 US gal)
Fresh water reserve               190 l (50 US gal)
Passengers                   12
CE design certification           B



Test conditions

Moderate sea, temperature 22° C (72° F), clean hull, fuel 150 l (39 US gal). Water 80 l (21 US gal), passengers 3.

Price Volvo Penta D4 Diesel 2×260HP € 214,200 + VAT


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