Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS: the third step

Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS is the third stage in the evolution of an engine introduced just two years ago, and addressed to a very specific demand.

With Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS we reach the third step: this is a very popular powerstep, and after the FourStroke 115 it’s been time for the SeaPro version, aimed to a professional use, and now Pro XS, which combines reliability with increased performance.

Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS: two in one


Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS can count on higher performance than its predecessor thanks to many innovations. First, it weighs 8 kg less than the 2-stroke it replaces and 9 kg less than the main competitor with the same power. This, despite its displacement of 2.1 liters being the highest in class. It’s a winning combination, as a high displacement means more torque and implies higher reliability.
The new, four-in-line Mercury 115 Pro XS can reach higher revs, now 6300 rpm (previously 6000), while compatibility with shorter propellers allows the boat to get faster into planing. Idle Charge system supplies an extra 48% of power, in order to bear navigation instruments, accessories, and all the electronics a boater requires.


Further features of Mercury 115 Pro XS are the optional shaft, 63.5 cm long instead of the standard 50.8 cm, and the Command Thrust drive which is compatible with over 55 Mercury propellers with increased diameter, made to improve performance and allow heavier crafts to easily plane and keep that pace at lower speed.
Like all engines in the XS range, 115 Pro XS sports easy maintenance and anti-corrosion treatment, thanks to alloys with a lower level of copper, so to offer a standard three-year warranty.
Last but not least, the look has been renewed and is now really captivating.


As for performance, the first tests from the factory confirm all the announcements. Mounted on the transom of a 6.30 m Valiant 630 rib, 2.5 wide displacing 600 Kg, Mercury FourStroke 115 Pro XS with a three-blade 18” Enertia propeller reached 40,7 knots (46.8 mph) at 6200 rpm. Read about the Mercury Four Stroke 115 EFI here

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