Mercury Racing QC4v 1550

Mercury Racing QC4v 1550: evolution of V8

With Mercury Racing QC4v 1550 the V8 evolves: thanks to supercharging it reaches 1550 HP, or 1350 HP for leisure boating.

Il Mercury Racing QC4v 1550 has been designed for racing (it’s in the name…), but also for very fast cruising. Among the main features it sports a supercharger, but also an increase in displacement (now 9 liters, or 549 and the double powerstep. It can run at 1550 HP, but if you’re using the normal fuel with lower octanes you can reduce the output to 1350 HP.

Mercury Racing QC4v 1550 aka Excess

Il Mercury Racing QC4v 1550 boasts an innovative control system that allows the driver to change the power output through the double ignition key. In Race mode the engine becomes a real beast, which needs to drink 112 octane fuel. Set it to Pleasure mode and it becomes a tame animal, delivering “just” 1350 HP with 98 octane fuel. Both setups are made to maximize torque and efficiency.
The electronic keys feature the Theft Deterrent System (TDS) by Mercury, which forbids the engine start when not in place. More, the same key can control more than one engine, for multiple installations. The VesselView display gives all the info about the unit parameters.

Mercury Racing QC4v 1550

Mercury Racing QC4v 1550 is the latest evolution of the Mercury Racing QC4v (Quad Cam Four Valve) platform. Durability has been improved with racing forged pistons, specifically designed for 122 AKI (Anti Knock Index) fuel. The new intercooler filter with stainless steel body eases the cleaning process and reduces the risk of dust and sand getting inside.
The positive pole is mounted on top of the engine, to simplify the installation of battery cables, while the coupling with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) grants the best maneuverability even with such a high output.
The same company makes Mercruiser engines with several configurations. Here’s the 4.5 liter V6.

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