Big news from Volvo Penta for an ever easier navigation

Big news from Volvo Penta for an ever easier navigation
A whole lot of news are coming from Volvo Penta in the next season. Innovative news, if I must say… How can you call a maneuver joystick for shaft drives, or the Remote e-Key. And there’s more.
In a single press meeting, the Swedish company has introduced several systems capable of changing once again the habits of boaters during navigation and when moored.
It’s all part of Easy Boating, a concept that Volvo Penta wants to achieve in every field through the integration and connection among all the instruments. Every new product is developed with this aim, in order to make life easier for the captain who needs to monitor and manage engines, transmissions and instruments. In addition, Volvo Penta will be the one and only contact needed for diagnostics and assistance.


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Engine-wise, Volvo Penta has introduced the brand new D8, declined into two powersteps: 550 and 600 HP. It can be coupled to shaft drives or to the new IPS15, purposedly designed for D8 to make the IPS700 (with 550 HP) or IPS800 (with 600 HP).
Before talking of the technical details, the big news is that the joystick is available regardless of the transmission mounted. This is another achievement and a further expansion in the application of the maneuvering joystick. I tested myself the joystick in Sweden, with IPS then shaft drives, and I must say that the difference is really little.



Volvo Penta  Joystick for shaft drives: how it works


With inboard engines, the system has to coordinate engines, rudders, gears and levers. By balancing the output of the engines, the angle of the rudders, and the power of the bow thruster, it can be fitted on any kind of boat (we tested it on a Cranchi 48 Atlantique some years old). The joystick though is not handy only when maneuvering: it can be used as a helm and can be matched to the autopilot. It can even manage the Humphree interceptors, an alternative to trim tabs, so to correct the boat balance in the quickest and most effective way.

e-Key Remote


Volvo Penta brings ntegration and connection outside the boat. Here’s the e-Key Remote, which is a controller, with a 100-meter range, which opens the boat, disconnects the anti-theft, switches on the lights, moves the gangway. Everything, with a pocket device. The comfort comes not just from opening the boat like it were a car, but also because there’s no need for several keys and buttons. All the “chain” of services is managed by a single button on the remote.

Battery Management

Many boats have multiple battery packs, with different Volts and different locations. Pursuing their Easy Boating, Volvo Penta created a system that collects all the information about the batteries in a single display. Battery management controls voltage, power left, state of charge, etc.

The new Volvo Penta D8


As mentioned, Volvo Penta D8 is designed for shaft drives or iPS transmissions. Volvo Penta met the customers’ demand for engines in the range of power between 550 and 600 HP with a product that excels in terms of quietness, lack of vibration, economy (consumption is reduced by 35% with IPS), comfort and performance. The high torque at low revs and the smooth delivery of power doesn’t hinder power at full steam, for an efficient cruise at different speed and sea conditions.

The new D8 displaces 7.7 liters, with two powersteps: 550 HP at 2900 rpm or 600 HP at 3000 rpm. It complies to Epa Tier3 and RCD Stage 2 rules. When coupled to IPS it can be used in a triple configuration, while a specific Pod named IPS15 has been specifically designed.


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