Genoa Boat Show: the “Nautico” will open September the 20th

Ithe Genoa Boat Show, called Nautico in Italian, will take place at Fiera di Genova from September 20th to 25th. The situation of the market is finally on a positive trend.
The 56th edition of the kermesse will mark a turning point towards its tradition: not anymore in October, but some weeks earlier. We will see if it will be a winning choice, now that the boating business reckons a growth forecast of 7.5% for 2016, after a +12% in 2015 and an increase in leasing volumes of 44% in the the first five months of this year.
The numbers tell of a better future, although dark clouds come from the departure of half of the manufacturers who went into the new born Nautica Italiana. When Confindustria, the Italian association of all the manufacturing company, denied to affiliate Nautica Italiana itself, these companies abandoned the association and any project regarding Genoa, turning their attention to Tuscany. Several press releases from both sides are the sad testament of this fight, which we didn’t want to report on BoatMag International in order not to play the role of amplifier: the result would be just to confuse the boating passionate and to dissuade potential customers.
Meanwhile, the Nautico works on making the show more visitor-friendly by relocating the Experience Area, now close to the outboard pavilions in an ideal path from the first contact to the sea trial. The Experience Village will be split into two area dedicated to water sports. A new roofing will cover the Piazzale Marina (Marina Square), which will house inboard and outboard engines right beside the boatyards’ stands. The dry spaces will host boats up to 12 meters, and organized paths will lead visitors from the booths to the docks.
Beside the usual signs, many LED screens with dynamic indications will help the public to move inside the show.

Let’s see some service information

  • The entrance will cost 15 Euros (13 is the price for disabled persons and groups over 30)
  • Tickets can be purchased online through Vivaticket circuit
  • Free admittance for people accompanying non-autonomous visitors, and for children born after 2004 if accompanied by an adult
  • Visiting hours will be 10am to 6:30pm
  • The show will take place as usual at Genoa Expo Area, located in 1, Kennedy Square.


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