Evolution of surface drives according to Topsystem

It’s an all-Italian project: the new Topsystem Surface Drives control setup and direction on high performance boats and ribs.

It took years to the Italian manufacturer TS Drive to get to this result, but finally it’s there: a surface drive system which combines a peculiar shape of the directional fin with specifically designed drives, to sensibly reduce water drag to enhance efficiency and performance. The propellers work in “cleaner” water, with less disturbance from the inevitable turbulence.

But there’s more. Topsystem Surface Drives can feature some options aimed to making life easier for the driver, when coupled to engines 200 to 400 HP. Among them, the electronic Easytrim, developed in cooperation with Onyx. The control software automatically manages trimming and trim tabs, adapting seamlessly to the load conditions of the boat and the engines. It’s even possible to customize the driving style according to sea conditions, by simply changing a parameter through the touch screen.
Manual control is still possible in every moment, so to leave the expert boaters all the safety and fun of full management of the boat.

The Company states that there’s more to come, and postpones the unveiling of further news to the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival (6 to 11 of September), where Topsystem Surface Drives will be officially launched.
Like any technical project, development never stops, so TS Drive has just started cooperating with Anvera Rib for the installation of high performance powertrains on the boatyard’s units, which are characterized by sportiness, performance and comfort.

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