Yamaha in Genoa boat show has some news for everybody

A new transportable F2.5 unit, new look for the big F350, then three WaveRunner models from the EX series, and the comeback of the legendary GP1800. This is the what Yamaha will launch at Nautico Genova.

Some news from Yamaha in Genoa: the new, compact F2.5, a new and captivating look for the top-range F350. Then four new jet-skis, three in the EX range and the new racing GP1800.

Many outboard engines will be available for tests, with ribs and boats from Capelli Yard in the water: twin F350 AETU on the brand new Tempest 40, twin F300 BETX on Tempest 1000 WA, twin F225 FETX on a Tempest 850 WA, triple F350 AETX/AETU on Tempest 44, twin F250 on Osia 315.


Yamaha in Genoa, here’s the new F2.5

The captivating look is not the only feature of the new F2.5 introduced by Yamaha in Genoa. Several news make this portable engine greener and more intuitive. A new design for piston, cylinder, head and air intake make the 72 cc. unit more efficient and economical, with higher performance and lower emissions, noise and vibration.

Driver has a large throttle handle, and a more ergonomic start lever. The integrated tank makes transportation easier and saves space on the boat, while the construction material allows to watch inside so to check all the time the fuel level. Oil can be checked as well through the monitoring glass and the level stick integrated in the cap.

The new F2.5 features also a dry weight of 17 Kg making extremely simple to move and transport it. The new design makes it possible to store it in three positions: on each sides or on the front part, without risking any oil leak. The new large and balanced handle is good not only for transportation but also to maneuver the boat when the engine is rotated 180 degrees for reverse.


 Yamaha in Genoa:new life for F350

For their flagship in outboards, Yamaha went for a renovated look of the cawling. The large V recalls the configuration, which is V8 for 5.3 liters, while a flat graphic element remarks one of the main features of the engine: the flat curve of the torque output, which means an immediate, linear and constant response to the throttle, from idle to maximum. When installed in twin or triple configuration, and coupled to Helm Master joystick, F350 grants the best maneuverability even when docking large boats.


Yamaha in Genoa: WaveRunner EX, EX Sport, EX DeLuxe and GP1800

The new EX Series  by Yamaha mount the TR-1 Yamaha three-cylinder engine, now 40% smaller still with the same levels of torque and power, and increased efficiency on the previous MR-1 four pots.

The EX DeLuxe model sports the exclusive RiDE command system: to move forward is enough to push the lever on the right handle, to reverse the one on the left.
After the success of
GP1200 and GP1300R, well appreciated by champions allover the world, Yamaha in Genoa launches the new GP 1800 with high performance Yamaha SVHO engine and an extremely light body and hull made in NanoXcel2.
Last but not least, the return of the appreciated FX Series, which combines extreme performance with top luxury. The range now counts five models: SVHO FX, FX Cruiser SVHO, FX HO and FX Cruiser HO.

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