Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport. Our test before the launch in Genova

It’s tough to see what could be better to enter the boating world, than this Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport.

Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport is easy to launch, haul and tow, it can be stored inside a box or even in the garden when not in water, and is very easy to handle. This Soouthern Italian rib is a very practical solution for first-time boaters.


 Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport comes after the flagships

2017 is the year this Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport will be marketed. Simple in the finishing in order to keep it affordable, it keeps the Cayman family feeling thanks to the partially black tubular.

Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_5-938x535Five meters of available space is not much, so at Ranieri International the designers had to exploit it in the best way. A solarium to aft can be extended to the front-facing bench before the console. The anchor is on the fiberglass bow fitting.

Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_9-938x535 Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_10-938x535 Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_11-938x535 Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_7-938x535 Ranieri-International-Cayman-18-Sport_6-938x535

The console of Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport houses a protecting and sturdy windshield framed by a S/S frame. The space for instruments is not much, but the Suzuki screen shows plenty of information (except the fuel consumption…).


To aft the bench hides a locker which contains battery, tanks and still saves some spare room. The two fiberglass molds are completed with cushions and handrails, and create the two side passageways to enter the engine cockpit and the two swim platforms, constituting a proper trade mark for Ranieri International as they appear across the range from Cayman 31 down.

Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport: the test

The sea is calm for our preview test. By the way, in Genoa Boat Show Cayman 18 Sport will be available for tests to the public. On the transom there’s a Suzuki DF40A unit delivering 40 HP for a displacement of 941 cc, coupled to a three-blade aluminum propeller which doesn’t seem to be the ideal choice for our test with two passengers, while it should be much better in case of heavier loads.


Despite this, performance are pretty good with a top speed of 29 knots and an elapsed time of 7 seconds to get to planing and another 15 for the maximum pace. The minimum plane is 13 kn at 3900 rpm.

The feeling at the helm ofRanieri International Cayman 18 Sport starts with the reduced visibility when sitting, while standing doesn’t feel to steady due to the lack of a proper support. At cruising speed the problem is not that big but it should at fast paces. The mechanicall throttle lever is not our favourite choice, so we push it to the “floor”  and see how the match with the Suzuki engine works. The stability is perfect, even in sharp turns, while the impact on our mixed waves is soft and quick.


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The numbers of Ranieri International Cayman 18 Sport

Length overall  5.40 m (17ft 8in)

Beam 2.55 m (8ft 4in)

Chambers  5

Tubular diameter  60 cm (24 in)

Displacement  510 Kg

Max output 115 HP

Engine Suzuki DF40A

Fuel tank 105 l (27 US gal) (optional)

Fresh water tank 40 l (10 US gal) (optional)

Passengers 10

CE certification C


rpm       knots    mph      dB

600       1,8          2,1          69

1000     2,4         2,8         70

1500     3,6         4,1          73

2000    4,4         5,1          76

2500     5,3         6,1          77

3000    6,0         6,9         77

3500     6,9         7,9         80

4000    16,0       18,4       82

4500     20,0      23,0      85

5000    23,0      26,5       88

5500     26,0      29,9      88

5800     29,0      33,4      89

Condizioni della prova

Calm sea, temperature 32°C (90°F), fuel 50%, passengers 2

Price (VAT not included)

Without engine € 15.900,00


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