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Lake Iseo is still in the spotlight with Nautca Bertelli

Christo’s Floating Piers maybe well gone, but Lake Iseo is still protagonist. Tourists can take advantage of the servicies provided by Nautica Bertelli.

Everybody around Lake Iseo recognize that the artist Christo spread the fame of the place allover the world. But the beauty of the area aren’t gone along with Floating Piers, and many tourists are still eager to go and enjoy the landscape and services.

All the services by Nautica Bertelli

During September and October, weather permitting (and starting again from April 2017), it will be possible to enjoy the beauty of the area and have some relax.
Without a doubt, one of the most exciting ways to do that is on a boat, and at an affordable cost. The price list for the rental service of Nautica Bertelli (in Paratico, a few kilometers from the A4 Milan-Venice, right between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo) starts from 120 euro per day for an open boat, up to a maximum of 390 euro for the whole weekend, on an exclusive Invictus 190 FX.


It starts with units powered by a 40HP outboard, up to larger boats and engines for Invictus 280TT, Sessa Marine S32 and Marlin 25 rib. In case you get really fond, there’s a wide offer of new boats (branded  Invictus, Sessa Marine, Quicksilver and Marlin Boat) and pre-owned ones.
Talking of the quality of Nautica Bertelli services, 40 years of activity and experience (along with the many boats moored in their harbor) talk by themselves. We also suggest to pay a visit to their workshop, in order to see the attention and expertise that every technician puts on any boat and her details, from the engine to the electronics.


Con Nautica Bertelli alla scoperta del lago d’Iseo

Paratico and Sarnico in the background, the restaurant “Nò-Dò” expresses the best of Mediterranean cuisine, on a beautiful panoramic terrace, and is located just behind the headquarters of Nautica Bertelli. But the best way to discover the beauty of Lake Iseo is from the water: Liberty-style Villa Faccanoni a fine example of early twentieth century architecture, then the historical Riva shipyard, the taxus (yew) plants directly rooted in the waters the cliffs dropping into the “bögn” of Zorzino, the Montisola and San Paolo islands (the ones of Floating Piers) and the third island of Loreto to the north. These are just a few easy to reach destinations even if you are not familiar with the area: Nautica Bertelli team is ready to give a few simple directions to cruise the boat around and enjoy the place.

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