World preview: Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP

Two new outboards from Suzuki: DF150AP and DF175AP follow the steps of the bestselling Suzuki DF200AP.

The new Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP can count many arrows at their bow. Both feature an excellent power-to-weight ratio, fast acceleration, good reliability, frugal fuel consumption. An evolved electronic management make them perfect in many conditions.


Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP from inside

The new Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP are in-line four, in order to keep them small and light. They feature four valves per cylinder with double overhead camshaft (DOHC) and variable valve timing VVT. The displacement of  2867 cc is quite large for a 4-cylinder, while the compression ratio is 10,2:1. This technical solution, coming from the racing experience of Suzuki, grants a big torque value at mid and high rpm, for thrilling accelerations.
Another important feature of the new Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP is the adoption of a grille that incorporates what is dubbed Semi-Direct Air Intake System. It’s integrated into the air inlet of the engine and can provide the injection circuit with a suitable amount of air, at the right temperature. This will optimize combustion at any speed.

The new Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP also sport:

  1. Suzuki Keyless Start, an automotive-like device which includes an immobilizer. The electronic key is coupled to a proximity sensor, so the engine can be started by the simple press of a button but only if the key is inside a one-meter range from the console.
  2. Suzuki Precision Control, is a computer-based throttle and shift system that replaces mechanical control cables of the lever with a digital flyby-wire system to eliminate friction and resistance in the controls.
  3. Suzuki Selective Rotation: by simply replacing a switch in the wiring, the very same engine can rotate clockwise or counter-clock wise. It requires the change of the propeller, of course.
  4. Suzuki_DF150AP_2

The 32 bit ECU of Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP onboard computer monitors and manages data gathered in real-time from a series of sensors placed in areas crucial to engine operation. Using these data the computer delivers precision control of the engine’s ignition and fuel systems, maintaining an optimal spark and fuel supply under different operating conditions. This is what we all know as Suzuki Lean Burn System, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions. The same ECU manages the detonation sensors and the oxygen ones (Lambda), and the ones that detect water in the fuel. Reliability at its maximum.
In terms of comfort, the new Suzuki DF150AP and DF175AP feature an air intake resonator that reduces the noise of air being sucked into the engine at high speed.
Last but not least, the new Pearl Nebular Black color of Suzuki DF150A and 175A, with 3D graphics, highlights the innovative solutions of the engines and remark the unmistakable Suzuki family feeling. Read our test of Suzuki DF200AP on a Ranieri Cayman 23


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