Watch a three-dimensional sea bottom with StructureScan 3D by Lowrance

Lowrance debuts a new technology for fishfinding with Chirp system, so we had to test it. It’s the brand new StructureScan 3D echo sounder image collection, capable of drawing a 3D map of the sea bottom.

I tested it in Varazze, Italy on a 6.60 meter aluminum sportsfisher, built by Marine Project yard specifically for the owner: a pro angler who took us for this test. Not only we were able to watch the sea bottom in a detailed 3D image, but we could witness how the StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging hi-res technologies  are undoubtedly improved.
A powerful Chirp sounder scans a 180 degree area and feeds back the angler with everything is below, ahead and beside the boat, reproducing the bottom on the screen with different possible views: flat or 3D, even together on a split-screen. As the video shows, it is possible to move the visualization by simply touching the screen:

IMG_0590-650x401 IMG_0589-650x401

The main news is that anglers can now see shoals and bottom in a more realistic manner, thanks to the extraordinary three dimensional visualization on the screen.
The same display can be used to show navigation info, maps or boat and engines diagnostics. 
With the touch of a finger the boater can scroll data from the side to the middle of the screen, highlighting with large digits the ones he’s more interested into.


The kit of module and transducer is sold at an indicative price of €999 + VAT, by Lowrance authorized dealers. Different solutions are available for installation, while the Lowrance compatible systems are HDS Gen3, HDS Gen2 Touch, Elite-7Ti and Elite-5Ti.


Power and precision of StructureScan 3D

StructureScan 3D image reading system quickly scans the sea bottom and the structures where normally shoals of fish hide, so to create 180-degree three-dimensional views, in hi-res, down to a depth of 900 meters and as far as 180 meters to port or starboard. 
More, StructureScan 3D sounder features different view options, including a DownScan Imaging boosted module, a more detailed StructureScan HD function and additional 3D visualizations.


Using virtual view-angles or the pan-tilt-rotate ScanTrack control, anglers can combine HD and 3D views for an improved awareness in every situation, and easier find fishing areas. The video shows an example:
StructureScan 3D boasts exclusive functions to make target seek even easier. Here is a short guide:
Leading Edge: provides a clear graphical illustration of sonar beams as they intersect with bottom contours.
SelectScan: automatically shades fish-holding cover and suspended targets in a color that contrasts the selected color palette.
Vertical Depth Enhancement: emphasizes vertical drops and crucial depth contour changes, making them easier to identify relative to the surrounding underwater terrain.
3D Waypoint Overlay: easily saves waypoints over specific targets, baitfish or cover.

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