ISA 120 Sport, and new plans from Palumbo Group

The sale of ISA 120 Sport hull #11 marks the success of Palumbo Group’s takeover of the Italian shipyard.

Although not a new model, ISA 120 Sport is definitely an icon of ISA Yachts shipyard, as they celebrate their return into full activity after becoming part of Palumbo Spa group. “We are excited and proud for this new sale – states Giuseppe Palumbo, Ceo of Palumbo Spa.

ISA Sport 120 is not brand new but she’s still extremely fresh. The positive and interesting appeal of ISA Yacht took very little to recover after the project has been revamped by Palumbo Group. The reason can be surely found ln the manufacturing excellence and the unmistakable Italian style of ISA brand, which we will leave untouched, keeping all the winning cards”.

La Spezia, Italy, 10-03-07ISA 120®Carlo Borlenghi/ ISA Yachts

ISA 120 Sport and the projects from Palumbo Group

ISA Sport 120 can count 10 units sold already, and soon hull #11 will go under construction. ISA Sport 120 is a successful model indeed, having won the MYDA Award (Yacht design award) in 2005. Built in composite, this yacht combines a sporty an timeless elegance, the exterior livability of an open vessel, and the rich interiors of a one-and-a-half decks cruise. The acquisition of Isa Yachts by Palumbo Group last August marked an important step for the entire Group, which has been able to develop an internal reorganization plan with the creation of two large divisions:

  • Shipping, with bases in Messina, Naples, Malta and Tenerife and headquarters in the Principality of Monaco, and Yachting who will undertake new builds (with Columbus and ISA brands), with operational headquarters in Naples and Ancona).
  • After Sale e Palumbo Superyacht, with offices in Naples, Marseille, Tenerife, Malta and Ancona, which is the largest center in the Mediterranean for maintenance and refitting.

In particular, the Isa Yachts yard in Ancona where the new ISA 120 Sport is built will have a dual important function: to become a central hub for production of new units and after-sale service of Columbus and ISA brands, and will also be an important Refit & Repair service point for Palumbo SY, expanding coverage also in the Adriatic.


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