Tetrahedron Super Yacht: Aviation on the Sea

A boat that can fly. Or, without drama, a never-seen-before shape levitating on the water.

Tetrahedron Super Yacht is at concept stage, but this doesn’t mean that many aspects haven’t been thoroughly analyzed. The design comes from an idea of Jonathan Schwinge, who went through a total re-thinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of super yachts, into something that on one hand is shaped like nothing ever seen before, and on the other takes a known way of navigating into a whole new level.


Tetrahedron Super Yacht, call yacht?

The superstructure shape is reduced to the geometry of a tetrahedron. A three-based pyramid consisting of four faces provides fundamental stability and enclosure. Its form produces a precise and mathematical surface to which the hull can be connected.
When cruising at speed, Tetrahedron Super Yacht will look like she’s levitating over the water: a boat that can fly. This is produced by a hull which carries a pretty weird acronym: HYSWAS, or Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship. It consists of a single vertical strut and a single submerged torpedo hull. The vessel will lift out of the water at speed on side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils.




This hull form has two working waterlines ar low speed the Tetrahedron sits gently onto three underbelly hulls. At high-speed the hydrofoils rotate on the lower submerged hull, causing the effect of raising the triangle out of the water. The concept design of this HYSWAS craft is based upon an existing hull design which has been developed by several companies, notably the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation in America, and has been proven by their technology demonstrator – ‘The Quest’ – in 1995. An auto-pilot system from the aviation industry will take control of difficult roll forces and will manage pitch and heave.


Aboard Tehtrahedron Super Yacht, long range navigation will be possible thanks to reduced out-of-water drag, while stormy ocean conditions will cause no slamming. Improved efficiency is driven by elevated hydrofoil propulsion and would be an inherent performance benefit of this type of design.

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