Topsystem is the key for a performing, well balanced Pershing

Topsystem Surface Drive is an integrated system which electronically manages the set-up of the Pershing transmissions.

Ts Drive, owner of TopSystem Surface Drive brand, has teamed up some years ago with Pershing shipyard for the installation of high-performance propulsion systems on boats that have in the sportiness one of their characteristic features. Over the sea, the boats equipped with TopSystem have improved their performance over the same models with traditional transmissions.
Topsystem Surface Drive is an innovative system of transmissions with variable trim and direction, made for high-performance planing boats. It’s born in 1999 by the will of the brothers Vincenzo and Alessio Tuccio, owners of TS Drive SrL (LLC) company. TopSystem increases the overall efficiency of the engine-transmission groups, for propulsion systems ranging from 200 to 4000 HP.



With Topsystem everything’s easier

Through partnerships with leading companies in the marine electronics and automation field, TopSystem has been enhanced with high-value options aimed at simplifying the use of surface propellers. The EasySet electronic system, designed for Pershing, was developed in collaboration with Onyx (leader in marine electronics and automation field): the software automatically adjusts the position of the vessel’s propulsion according to engine load and speed, working on trims and trim-tabs to get the best boat performance in navigation. Based on cruising conditions, the system optimizes the set-up also in order to get an appreciable reduction in fuel consumption; all parameters can be modified according to the specific of the sea and load conditions.

Topsystem Surface Drive is controlled by a touchscreen display on the dashboard and can be electronically customized with different features. For example, being Pershings high-performance boats – and in order to ensure the safety of guests on board, the device can manage the angle of steering according to the boat’s speed. Of course manual controls are always available to ensure maximum cruising pleasure, while at low speed (below 1,200 rpm), the system enters the docking mode and ceases to operate. You can also improve the software with some specific features in order to display the tank levels with relative alarms and operate auxiliary controls such as bathing platform, security locks, tender lift and much more.

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