Yamaha F150 e F175 engines are hitting the market

After debuting at Miami Boat Show, the two new outboard units from the Japanese manufacturer are ready to go in the water. 

Yamaha F150 and F175 are the main novelties from the triple tuning fork brand, marking a leap ahead in terms of technology and functionality.


Yamaha F150 e F175, technology first

The new Yamaha F150 and F175 are equipped with Drive-By-Wire electronic throttle, which allows users to control the gas and inverter functions, as well as starting and stopping the engine at the push of a button for automatic synchronization of multiple engines. This gives an optimal control of the engine and immediate response.


As for the engine block, the two new Yamaha F150 and F175 come from F200: four-cylinder, 4-stroke, 16-valve DOHC with a displacement of 2,785 cc (170 ci) with a powerful 50-amp alternator that bears the entire vehicle’s electronics, and a plug for recharging the auxiliary battery. So the main innovation concerns the 150 HP model (as the 175 HP one was already on the new block) which previously displaced 2,670 cc (163 ci). The new F150 and F175 with Drive-By-Wire technology will be available in Spring 2017, in addition to the existing F175A and F150D with mechanical controls levers, to give Yamaha customers a wider choice.
To complete the s of Yamaha F150 and F175, there’s also the chance to couple them with latest generation Yamaha Reliance SDS propellers, which provide excellent performance across the whole operational range, both in terms of speed and anti-cavitation capability. They are built in polished steel, extremely resistant to corrosion, and are according to the builder they are ideal for fishing.

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