Six sporty boats that will give you adrenaline, in comfort

If what you’re looking for in a boat is emotions, check out this selection.

Once they used to be called “fast commuters”, “offshore cruisers” or “muscle boats” (to recall the namesake muscle cars). Today performance is still there, but with a strong focus on comfort. Here they are, from smallest to largest. And don’t forget to check our tests at the links.


Scarab 215 Impulse Wake Edition, six-meter jet

The price is a bit steep, but those two supercharged Rotax engines coupled to waterjets turn Scarab 215 into a small rocket. Add to this a top-notch finishing and smart solutions for the deck. If it isn’t enough…our test was on rough sea.


 Black Fin Mercury 10 Elegance, everything happens back there

It may look like a quit 10-meter rib, but on the transom there’s a couple of Mercury Verados 400R, or the most powerful outboards out there. Add to this Active Trim and Piloting Joystick for a truly amazing sea trial. Spoiler: we touched 60 knots


 Revolver 44GT, the name says much

She’s probably the most extreme in our list: for the design solutions and the layout. The engines move two Arneson surface drives, which require some skills to get to plane and to cruise fast. But once you’ve got the due respect, it’s total fun.


Frauscher 1414 Demon, because you want something more

She’s the largest in the Frauscher range, and at over 10 tonnes for 800 HP it’s not a speed monster. But she has all the rest. First of all, a proper aggressive look. Then, a comfortable hull which grants a fast and quiet navigation. Then, all the class of the Austrian boatyard. Pure performance is not everything.


Sacs Rebel 47, a boat in disguise

She may look like a (maxi)rib because of those tubular, but actually it’s a whole new concept, a crossover between an inflatable boat and a fiberglass yacht. She’s large, powerful and has a stunning look. Below deck, there’s even space for two cabins.


SuperOcean 58, 17 meters will turn your head…very fast

SuperOcean 58 by Scanner is the first rigid boat coming from Montemitro Design. She marks a leap in the history of the yard, and with her whole new concept in terms of look and 2000 HP in the engine bay, she opens a whole new chapter. Check our complete photo gallery and a thrilling video.

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