Carlo Riva has passed away. Our farewell to a real legend of boating

10 April 2017. Aged 95, the legendary Engineer Carlo Riva sailed off for his last voyage this morning, in his home in Sarnico. He will be remembered as un unrivaled creator of boats.

Among many unique boats, one model will always have a special place in boat lovers allover the world: of course she is Aquarama, still today considered the most significant and iconic boat in the world, and still deemed unique despite so many imitations since Carlo Riva designed and launched her in 1962.


Carlo Riva, a legend of boating

Talking of Carlo Riva no word is enough to describe his contribution to the development of pleasure boating, and to the growth of the brand Riva which thanks to him has become one of the most famous in the world.
Born in February 1922, Carlo Riva starts working in the Sarnico boatyard on lake Iseo under the direction of his father Serafino Riva. Established in the 19th century, the yard was still an artisanal one, although Serafino was racing and winning in the first powerboating competitions. But Carlo soon understood that they needed to move towards pleasure boats. So he designed “Corsaro”, later followed by Ariston, Tritone, Florida, until the ultimate icon Aquarama. The myth was born, and not even the downturn of the eighties could undermine. At the time Carlo Riva had already sold the boatyard, which in the nineties finally entered the Ferretti Group and got a new momentum.
After many decades, the name of Carlo Riva is still inextricably associated with the sixties models, which marked a boating wonder era and strengthened a brand which hasn’t lost a bit of its charm. So, in order to celebrate and mourn Carlo Riva in the best way, we decided to remember him with an Aquarama and publish some images of this iconic beauty.


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