Below the line: seven cruisers that won’t go too far

We’re only talking of length of course. These boats remain under the threshold of ten meters in length, but you will find the one that is going to take you everywhere.

They can be daycruisers or weekenders, in a wide range of choices that space from the small Quicksilver and Karnic up to the exclusive Frauscher, through a series of models with different solutions based on their vocation. The common denominator is an excellent construction, good seaworthiness… then it’s your taste (and budget) to define the final choice. In order to help you, our tests can be a good reference, just click the link to open the page of our sea trial.


Quicksilver 755 Cruiser, sportier than ever

If you are used to Quicksilver boats, you’ll be surprised by the sporty accent of this model. Ok, it’s not a poker-run boat, but the mighty Mercury Verado with 300 HP gives you all the push you need, and some more.


Salpa Laver 23x, inboard or outboard on your choice

This Italian boat is focused on cruising comfort. For this reason, of the two available options we prefer the one with MerCruiser inboard. But if you’re a fan of outboard engines, here’s our test of the same boat with the excellent 2-stroke Evinrude.


Karnic SL702 by Selva, the key word is versatility

An established partnership between the Cyprus boatbuilder and the Italian veteran Selva Marine brought to attention boats with an excellent finishing and reliable hulls. Karnic SL702 is a perfect synthesis of the yard’s capability, but also her smaller sibling Karnic 1851 is worth our consideration.


Invictus 280GT, the classy one

The designer Christian Grande put into every Invictus model all his renown competence, which complements a flawless construction and a seaworthy hull. 280GT stands out of the “sea of sameness” thanks to her peculiar look and the attention to the smallest detail.


Cranchi Endurance 33, living a classic

Timeless design is what most characterizes this model from Cranchi, which combines sportiness and tradition in a perfect formula. And with all that space outdoor and indoors, you want to sail off and spend a holiday with your family on board this Italian classic.


Frauscher 1017, chose your bow

The Austrian cruiser is available in two different versions: a cabin weekender named GT and a fully open one dubbed Lido. Both feature undisputed personality, an excellent hull and top notch finishing.


Ranieri International Next 370 SH: don’t count that extra meter

She’s the flagship from Ranieri International, and despite measuring 11 meters, the official LH stays under the 10-meter threshold. Few months from the launch have been enough for her to become a success, probably for the match between space, handling and design.

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