Heritage 45 meters is the homage by Picchiotti Yachts to their renown architect Gerhard Gilgenast

Gerhard Gilgenast was one of the most important architects to ever cooperate with Picchiotti Yachts. The shipyard has decided to celebrate this fact with a 45-meter superyacht.

The project is signed by Zuccon International Project, but you can feel the presence of the famous German yacht designer, who passed away in 1991. Heritage 45 recalls some stylistic features that had been developed in the past by Gilgenast, translated into a more contemporary language by Zuccon International Project.


You could say that Heritage 45 m is a project whose exterior design combines classic style with sinuous modern shapes, giving the image of an antique vessel with a futuristic look.
The layout leaves most of the main deck clear, with the bow area housing two tenders (a sailboat and a motor one, nine meters each) and two jet-skis.
Another peculiarity of Heritage 45 m is in the arrangement of internal volumes. The section of the day bridge features no less than three meters of headroom, combined with extensive use of glass, which simplifies the connection with the outside by giving a seamless continuity with the interiors
The dual functionality of the boat defines her stylistic language. The designer has worked to recall the classicism and elegance of the lines for which both Perini Navi and Picchiotti Yachts are renowned, while incorporating, in an innovative approach, some external volumes dedicated to water toys. The outdoor spaces become extremely livable and once the tender is launched, the bow area becomes a large lounge that can be used in continuity with the indoor spaces and with the aft cockpit, so to create a totally clear area, fully dedicated to guest entertainment.


The areas for owner and guests are all on the lower deck. The former enjoys a large suite with a private terrace in the stern area: as there’s no garage the whole area is free, so the owner can enjoy an amazing view of the sea.


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