With Garmin quatix 5 the boat is at your wrist

A smartwatch with GPS featuring several functions dedicated to fishing and navigation, sailing and motor cruising: this, and much more, is Garmin quatix 5.

Goodbye, dear old watch. The new Garmin pushes to retirement not only dozens of wrist watches, but also many devices that seemed irreplaceable. Because quatix 5 can be connected to the most modern Garmin Marine instrumentation, to control the autopilot or save waypoints on the chartplotter directly from your wrist, check the boat’s data and information while in navigation or at anchor, plus having at disposal many other functions dedicated to sailing.


Quatix 5: never without you

Compact and stylish with a 47mm case and 1.2″display, the new quatix 5 is also a smartwatch: LiveTrack feature, Smart Notification from the smartphone, Connect IQ compatibility allow to customize your watch dials, data fields, widgets, and activities. The new quatix 5 is equipped with proprietary Garmin Elevate technology for heartbeat monitoring, and QuickFit strap quick release. It also connects wirelessly to multifunction chartplotters or to Garmin Marine displays to control many onboard sensors connected to NMEA 2000‘s boat network: speed, depth, temperature, wind and much more.

Price: € 599

for quatix 5

and € 849

for quatix 5 Sapphire

The maximum is achieved by connecting it to a GHC 20 autopilot control unit, which allows you to use quatix 5 to activate the autopilot, modify the direction, or engage a route directly from your wrist. It also simplifies the way you save a waypoint: thanks to a dedicated button you can mark a point on the chart of the Garmin Marine chartplotter directly from the watch, anywhere you are on the boat.
But innovative features do not end there: with quatix 5, you can control the Fusion on-board multimedia system with Fusion-Link Lite app, or even Garmin Virb action-cams.

As usual, Garmin keeps an eye on safety: there’s a dedicated button for the MOB (man over board) function that in case of an accident allows you to create a waypoint on the Garmin Marine chartplotter and start the recovery maneuver in total safety. It also has an alarm to alert you if the distance from the point still exceeds the preset limit, and a three-axis electronic compass that can show direction even when you are not moving, an altimeter with automatic calibration and a barometer to predict short-term weather changes by monitoring the variation in air pressure. These sensors are calibrated using the built-in GPS receiver, the same that automatically sets the time according to your position. Before a long trip you can download tide data from the affected area using your smartphone and view them directly on the smartwatch in the following days.
As for fishing-related features, there’s a timer for gaming tournaments and a catch register system to help you take into account the number of fish caught and the time left before you have to go to weighing. Thanks to its large, high-visibility display with LED backlight, data are always visible regardless of the light conditions.


The new quatix 5 is waterproof up to 100 meters and is equipped with the latest generation EXO antenna for receiving GPS/Glonass signal quickly and effectively. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery, it lasts up to two weeks in smartwatch mode, up to 60 hours in UltraTrac mode and up to 24 hours with GPS enabled.
It also boasts multisport features that have always distinguished Garmin products, making them perfect for golfers, divers, boating, swimmers, skiers, runners, hikers…and more. It also functions as a fitness band, providing with an indication of the number of steps taken during the day, the total distance traveled, the calories burned since midnight, the stairs climbed, the sleeping hours, the calorie consumption from the registered physical activity, the daily goal to be achieved and the relative countdown of steps still to be taken.

All of these data are uploaded to Garmin Connect app to keep track of the results over the days. The new Garmin smartwatch is available in two versions: quatix 5 and quatix 5 Sapphire, which stands out for the Zafiro glass lens, wifi connectivity to automatically download Garmin Connect updates and the second steel strap included in the package.
Are you looking forward to own a quatix 5? Well, it is already available at the indicative price of 599 euros for quatix 5 and 849 euros for the quatix 5 Sapphire, prices already inclusive of VAT.
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