Capelli Cap 21.5 WA: unlimited evolution

She’s been a benchmark in her category for years. Is it better to improve on this? Judging the restyling of Capelli Cap 21.5 WA we definitely think so.

Capelli Cap 21.5 WA can be dubbed a piece of history from the Italian builder. But there’s no limit to evolution, especially as customers come from many Countries across Europe and there’s different needs to satisfy, not just limited to Mediterranean. This restyling in particular comes after listening to feedback from Northern European customers.


Capelli Cap 21.5 WA is more versatile and comfortable

The new boat has a revised layout to create more habitability and usability even at colder latitudes. But don’t think it’s born just for the North, as the new cockpit organization has increased the versatility. In order to provide greater protection, the volume of the cabin has been increased so the headroom has raised by 20 cm which make the difference in terms of habitability. A double bunk to port, an optional potty (with black water tank) to starboard, and a portable 35 liter refrigerator (again an option) are the main features inside.
But a walkaround like this Capelli Cap 21.5 WA is made to enjoy open spaces. The revised layout is a refinement of what has proven to be successful on dozen of units sold. So the solarium perfectly hides the raised superstructure, without hindering the foredeck lines, and the larger windshield offers an even better protection.


The simple design of the helm station features two round dials for the Yamaha engine, housed in a dark grey dashboard to contrast the white of the hull.


The pilot can choose the driving position thanks to a tilting element, while the structure of the seat doesn’t sport a kitchen cabinet but just a stern-facing sofa. I would have preferred a cabinet with grill and sink, which would have complemented perfectly with the teak table that can be mounted in the cockpit. The aft couch hides a large locker and features a tilting backseat in order to provide a second solarium and facilitate the passage to the swim platforms on both sides of the engine.
An aluminum pipe structure is a bit of a sore for the eye, but turns out to be very practical in order to develop the bimini above the deck.


Capelli Cap 21.5 WA: the test

The sea of Varazze is chopped, which is not ideal for the six-meter-short Capelli Cap 21.5 WA and her Yamaha F175 (the maximum power available). By staying close to shore however we can take all the 5600 rpm that the four-cylinder 2.8 liter, paired to a three-blade 17″steel prop, is able to reach. Moving the trim we can in the end reach 38 knots, an excellent performance, although it’s likely that you want to cruise around 20 knots, at 3500 rpm burning only 21 liters per hour. Slow down to 2800 rpm and you’ll still be planing, but at 11 knots you will need just 14 lph, and using again the trimmer you will get even slower, 2600 rpm and 8 knots, although with no substantial improvements on the fuel consumption front. On the other hand, push the “pedal” to the metal and the acceleration is definitely aggressive, with just 3.3 seconds to reach the plane and 14.8″ to touch 38 knots.
On her side Capelli Cap 21.5 WA copes well with the exuberant engine and faces the sea with a confidence that is a good calling card for the capability to face Nordic seas. It’s really hard to embarrass this hull, even with sharp maneuvers, while the windscreen is always protective and the ergonomic seating provides a total support for the pilot.
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The numbers of Capelli Cap 21.5 WA

  • Length overall             6.30 m (20ft 8in)
  • Beam                              2.43 m (8 ft)
  • Displacement              1050 Kg
  • Max output                   175 HP
  • Engine Yamaha          F175
  • Fuel reserve                  185 l (46 US gal)
  • Passengers                   7


rpm         knots       mph           lph         nm/l         range*         dB

  • 600          2,2            2,5            1,6           1,38           193             58
  • 1000        3,6            4,1            3,2           1,13            158             64
  • 1500        5,2            6,0            4,8          1,08           152              69
  • 2000        7,1            8,2            9,2          0,77           108             69
  • 2500        8,7           10,0          12            0,73           102             76
  • 3000        16,0         18,4          18            0,89           124             78
  • 3500        21,0         24,2          28            0,75           105             80
  • 4000        26,0        29,9           35            0,74           104             81
  • 4500        28,0        32,2           35            0,80          112              84
  • 5000        30,0        34,5           51            0,59           82               83
  • 5500        36,0         41,4           58           0,62           87                91
  • 5600        38,0         43,7          60           0,63            89               91
  • *(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Moderate sea, temperature 26°C (79° F), clean hull, fuel 185 l (46 US gal), 3 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • Capelli Cap 21.5 WA + Yamaha F175 AETL € 36,200

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