Topsystem Easy Set makes it easier to deal with surface drives

Controlling your surface propeller transmissions is now possible to everybody: Topsystem Easy Set has made it fully automatic.
There is no doubt about the higher efficiency of surface drives, especially when it comes to high performance. But, manufacturers and owners have often been skeptical about them because they have issues in managing the boat during navigation, with the consequent need to be competent pilots to make the most of it.
To overcome this limit, TS Drive, owner of Topsystem Surface Drive brand, has developed partnerships with major electronics and naval automation companies, with the aim of finding new technology to ensure the installation of high performance surface transmissions without sacrificing comfort and maneuverability. This research led to the launch of Topsystem Easy Set, a system that, to confirm its effectiveness, has already been adopted on pleasure boats.


Pershing is the early adopter of Topsystem Easy Set

The development of Topsystem Easy Set has been refined by the long collaboration with Pershing Yacht with the installation of high performance propulsion systems on the boatyard models, integrating them with equipment capable of electronically adjusting the surface transmissions in balance and direction.
The patented Topsystem Easy Set consists of a series of components that electronically interact with each other for a fully automated boat control. The hydraulic steering is controlled by the “Helm by Wire”electronic module and is available in two versions. In “standard” mode with “passive” steering, directionality is maintained even when it is released by the pilot. In “active” setting, the helm is handled in a custom mode: the rudder is programmed to always return straight each time the driver releases the wheel, just like on a sports car. The system is also equipped with an electromagnetic brake which allows to vary the thrust for the rotation of the rudder as a function of the variation of the engine revs and to actively handle the steering wheel lock end. The captain thus has a direct feedback of the actual navigation conditions for increased security.


Installation of the maneuvering joystick for surface transmissions, additional integration to Topsystem Easy Set system, is a giant leap, because it allows total control of the two transmissions: they can move independently because they are no longer united by the connecting rod. The joystick is adjustable with two operating modes: Docking and Cruise. In Docking mode, the transmissions are managed autonomously allowing the captain to focus on the most appropriate maneuver and leaving the system to define the action of engines and propellers: 360° rotation and translation are thus very simple. While navigating, you can activate the cruise mode that allows you to accelerate and veer by joystick only: the software manages the independent drives to vary the distance between the two propellers in order to find the optimum performance point.

The maneuvering joystick
for surface transmissions is a
further integration of the system

Another cool option of Topsystem Easy Set is Dynamic Position System (DPS), which manages the boat by keeping her static in the desired position (a device commonly referred to as “electronic anchor” or “sky hook”). The system software also automatically adjusts the position of the propulsion according to the boat’s load conditions and engine revolutions by intervening on trims and trim tabs in order to achieve the best performance of the boat in navigation. Depending on the condition, the system also optimizes fuel efficiency. All parameters can be optimized and modified according to specific cases.


Topsystem Easy Set is controlled by a touchscreen positioned on the dashboard and can be electronically customized with different features. For instance, on high performance boats – and in order to ensure the safety of guests on board – the equipment can control the steering angle control according to the speed of the hull. By working on the touchscreen it’s also possible to customize the driving style depending on sea conditions. Of course, manual controls are always available and you can improve the software with some features for showing tank levels with related alarms and managing auxiliary controls such as bathing platform handling, safety locks, tender lift…

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