cantiere nautico piccaluga

Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga is ready to assist boaters on Lake Maggiore

The 2017 season has finally shown very positive signals. Among the companies to be there with their services, Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga is one reference on Lake Maggiore.
It’s not easy to have some minutes for us from Daniele Piccaluga, fully committed to assisting the customers on the docks of his yard. Daniele has inherited the Company from his father Carlo Piccaluga, and he runs it with his uncle Paolo and his cousin Davide. But let’s hear the story. From him.


From left: Daniele, Paolo e Davide Piccaluga

Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga: service as a mission

“Our structure was born in 1964 at the initiative of my father Carlo and my uncle Paolo – says Daniele Piccaluga. Back then the job was to recover the hulls into the few existing yards. Driven by the enthusiasm and passion for an already growing boating market, we started building a line of small wooden boats that encountered clients’ satisfaction: many remember the “Dollis”, 60 units of which were built. With the advent of new materials such as fiberglass, and the transformation of handicrafts into industry, we decided to transform our core business, by buying a land on the shore of Lake Maggiore, in Sesto Calende. We started focusing on storage, with a tough but steady progress that makes us proud of our work. Today we are able to satisfy a large number of customers thanks to our full service, appreciated by nautical enthusiasts for its quality and competence. It is an activity that I am continuing along with my cousin Davide Piccaluga, with the same enthusiasm and passion that have characterized these 53 years of activity. ”

cantiere nautico piccaluga

Numbers and services of Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga

In a 110,000-square-meter facility with dock and sheds, Cantiere Piccaluga offers a full service for the use and maintenance of boats. It spaces from daily launch-and-haul, to recovery for boats up to 15 meters thanks to a crane that can lift up to 25 tons. In addition, specialized craftsmen can perform all repair, restoration, sandblasting and painting jobs, while the offices can provide customers with consulting and marketing of new and used boats.

It’s the same enthusiasm
and passion that have
characterized these
53 years of activity

Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga is open all year round: 8am to 8pm in summer time (April 1st to September 30th), and 8.30 to 5.30 in winter. They close only for Christmas season (December 22 to January 10) and on winter Mondays.
The rest is on Lake Maggiore, with its beautiful landscapes and hundreds of boating excursions: the monastery of Santa Caterina clinging to the rock; Stresa and the Borromee Islands, tiny but rich in history; the castles of Cannero, the ancient retreat of the Mazzarditi, the famous pirates of Verbano.

cantiere nautico piccaluga

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