Lake Iseo has no secrets with Nautica Bertelli Rent

Renting a boat is the best system to discover a lake, and it can be easy and affordable with the right offers.

You are tempted by the desire to sail but do not have the courage to make the big step of the purchase? You want to discover the beauty of Lake Iseo, which has become famous all over the world thanks to Christo’s Floating Piers, far from the busy shores? You just want to spend a different Sunday boat? To all these questions there is one answer: get a boat from Nautica Bertelli Rent.


Nautica Bertelli Rent has a pretty wide offer

Boats or ribs in many sizes, so it’s hard not to find the ideal solution for your needs in the wide range of Nautica Bertelli Rent. It starts with the small Open 550 (5.50 m long) with a 40 HP Honda outboard, easy to drive for newbies, good for up to five people: it will cost 100 euros for half a day in low season. If you prefer a rib, here is Marlin 540, still with a 40 HP outboard, in this case Mercury, and a capability of six people at the same price. However, if you want a more exclusive boat, there’s the classy Invictus 190FX, 40 HP in the back, but 6.10 m long, 8-person capability and all the charm of a boat like Invictus.


Opportunities expand with another three Invictus models: 190FX and 200FX with 100 HP engines and Invictus 280TT with 350 HP sterndrive, 9 m long and good for 10 passengers. Back to rigid inflatables, on the high end there’s Marlin 25, 8 m with a 270 HP unit and sterndrive.
For those who want to live Lake Iseo without the stress of driving, there is another opportunity offered by Nautica Bertelli Rent: renting a boat with a skipper and take a truly exclusive route: the lake tour. A two-and-a-half-hour ride from Paratico’s port, for an itinerary that approaches Villa Faccanoni, a nice example of Liberty from the early 1900s, then passes through the historic Riva boatyard, with the Tassodi plants with their roots directly in the water, up to the rocky walls that descend from the “Bogn” of Castro, then turn to the opposite shore with a glimpse of Montisola, the islands of Loreto and San Paolo, and finally a toast on board.

It’s a different way
to discover the
beauty of Lake Iseo

For further information, detailed price list and offers, the best way is to check Nautica bertelli Rent website.

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