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Besenzoni, 50 years on the edge

Besenzoni celebrates half a century of activity recalling their history, the main personalities, and the many innovations they introduced in boating accessories.

The term outsourcing makes us shiver, for the many abuses that production relocation has made in recent years, often with heavy quality repercussions. Instead, this story of “outsourcing” that began in 1967, exactly half a century ago, is all about quality. Right then a small handicraft company was born, on the initiative of Giovanni Besenzoni. They rode a phenomenon that at that time was taking shape: that is, the outsourcing of the production of accessories, up to that time directly produced from boatbuilders. A new production sector was born.


Besenzoni: much success and many intuitions

Tradition and innovation have for fifty years been the lifeblood of the company, which has been able to combine design and aesthetic care with an in-depth research and development which has led it to the world’s forefront in designing and producing accessories for the boating sector. Besenzoni offers today a full range of external and retractable hydraulic gangways, fly and stern cranes, piloting chairs, power side doors and patio doors, hydraulic bath ladders and side staircases, hardtops and awnings, tender slides, power windows, hydraulic swim ladders and much more: it is not possible to mention every article in the catalog.


Back to history, if the beginning dates back to 1967, a first revolution comes in 1973 with the invention of the bathing platform with swim ladder, an innovation that marked the next decade. At least until 1985, when Besenzoni introduced the first hydraulic gangway with remote control. In 1989 they built a new plant in Paratico, in the province of Bergamo on Lake Iseo, while 1991 is the year for the first awards: “Innovative Product 1990-1991” by the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, for the titanium gangway for sailboats, followed in 1993 by another prize, still from the same Institution, for the “hiding”lateral door.

Tradition and innovation
have been for fifty years
the Company’s lifeblood

The year 2000 marks the arrival of Giorgio, son of Giovanni Besenzoni, who brings new dynamism and helps his father withdraw the many awards, received from institutions spacing from the jury of Mets Amsterdam to UCINA (the Italian boatbuilders association). Talking of product, a mention must go to the titanium gangway realized in cooperation with Oto Melara in 2005, same year when the company created three new divisions: Besenzoni Super Yacht Division, Besenzoni Titanium Division and Besenzoni Customer Service Division.
The awards go hand in hand with new projects: the Titanium gangway, the watertight side porthole, the Ghost, Corner and Harbor mooring facilitators, the 2 m watertight window for salons, the balcony/window for bow installation, the innovative Concept Helybase designed in conjunction with UNIBG, the SP 602 multi-functional gangway/ladder … and there’s still plenty to mention. It’s maybe better to wait for the next news: everything is set up to face even the next half a century.



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