She’s good looking, she’s easy to maintain, she’ll take you anywhere. Yes, she’s a boat: Cranchi M44 HT

A good blend of cool design, simple usage, and versatility. On top of this, Cranchi M44 HT adds a smooth handling and good performance

In 14 meters she is
able to embrace
a vast range of boaters
with different needs

If you are looking for a glamorous boat that will not let you go unnoticed on a dock, look no further. You look for a boat for long cruises? The same. Need an easy-to-manage boat for fast day cruises? There you are again. And we could go on, because Cranchi M44 HT is able to satisfy a wide array of different needs and hence embrace a more and more heterogeneous range of sports enthusiasts.


Balanced lines, large spaces

  • Sleek lines with no compromises for inner habitability. We could end it like that. In fact, the profile of the Cranchi M44 HT is the result of a much more complicated study involving deckhouse and superstructure in an intense intersection of lines that are able to guarantee good internal volumes without hindering the look (at all). A fundamental role is on the glazing, both on the sides and in the superstructure,which contributes to enhancing the boldness, as well as providing the interiors with a great deal of light.


  • The layout, on the other hand, has no particular innovation as compared to classic canons. The cockpit is fully protected by the soft top whose large opening (larger than a hard top) turns the Cranchi M44 HT into a genuine open. Should you need more protection, the good insulation of the roof creates a closed and warm environment. The top covers the dinette and the helm station to bow, while on the port side the kitchenette and the chaise longue (open the roof and the latter it’s a sun bed) complete the layout. A smart layout of instruments on the dashboard allows analog instruments to coexist with digital monitors.

Cranchi-M44-HT_9            Cranchi-M44-HT_13Cranchi-M44-HT_11

  • Returning to aft, the solarium above the engine room is well sized and can be protected by awning that further extends the hardtop overhang; some easy steps lead down to the conveniently sized swim platform. Hand- and guardrails help reach the bow where the sun pad is split in two sections to leave room to the manhole and to a perspex section that helps enhancing the brightness in the fore cabin. Both cushions have a reclining seatback and can be sheltered by an awning. Also worth a mention is a small anchor windlass: it’s not in the way and never creates a danger to the feet.

Cranchi-M44-HT_15            Cranchi-M44-HT_2Cranchi-M44-HT-Ponte-prua-650x401

  • The lower deck is not just for the cabins: a second dinette can’t be transformed into additional berths, but works exclusively to accommodate guests around a table in case of adverse weather.


However, the guest cabin features a third bunk, which is normally a comfortable sofa by its entrance.

Cranchi-M44-HT_8   Cranchi-M44-HT_7

The galley cabinet is to port and is definitely well-sized to support even the most demanding chef, as well as the bathroom which will appeal the very sophisticated guests (the ones who normally forget to be on a boat). The quality and finish of the materials is guaranteed by the Cranchi brand, so we won’t say any more.



The test: good performance and reasonable fuel consumption, along with an ever-safe behavior

In order to test the M44 HT I went to Udine, on the Italian side of the Northern Adriatic sea, by the Cranchi Marine Test Center,

Over 31 knots of
top speed and 24
of cruise speed
with two Volvo Pentas
330 HP coupled to

The sea is calm so I can’t realize whether the hull Cranchi M44 HT is a kin to the other yard’s units. I need to commit myself and create some wakes, turning around several times and suddenly dropping her into this random ant’s nest of waves, surely not forgiving as they are short and sharp, forcing the boat to impact on the water. The result is up to expectations, with a safe passage all the times. No creaking comes from the structure, in any direction, and even facing the waves while leeing during a turn gives no trouble. I am by far over 24 knots, which the builder indicates as the optimal cruising speed, I can easily guess that Cranchi M44 HT is a pretty safe boat even with choppy sea.
Sure, sterndrives are the best for the quick response when maneuvering, and now that the joystick is also available, docking and mooring in port is no longer a problem.

Getting into plane does not imply the boat’s nose to get up that much, so visibility remains good even for me (I’m not properly a basketball star…). Progression is good, up to a top speed of 31.5 knots, a little less than the value declared by the yard.
Fuel consumption is reasonable, at least as long as you keep the pace in the relaxed range: at cruising speed (24 knots, 3000 rpm) the reading is a hundred liters per hour, down to 40 lph at 1,900 rpm, which is the lowest planing speed a little shy of 10 knots. But whatever the pace you choose, Cranchi M44 HT is always convincing.

The numbers of Cranchi M44 HT and our test readings

  • Length overall                          13.82 m (45ft 4in)
  • Length LH                                 12.01 m (39ft 5in)
  • Beam                                          4.06 m (13ft 4in)
  • Draft                                           0.96 m (3ft 2in)
  • Displacement                           10900 Kg
  • Engines                                      Volvo Penta D6 2×330 HP
  • Fuel reserve                              1000 l (264 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve                 300 l (79 US gal)
  • Passengers                                 12
  • CE Design category                  B


        rpm      knots    mph      lph       nm/l     range*  dB

  • 1000     4,8       5,5       7,5        0,64      512       66
  • 1500     7,6       8,7       18         0,42      338       67
  • 2000     9,8       11,3      44        0,22      178       72
  • 2500     15,0      17,3      75        0,20      160       77
  • 3000     24,0      27,6      102       0,23      188       80
  • 3400     32,0      36,8      136       0,23      188       81

*(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Calm sea, temperature 16°C (61° F), clean hull, fuel 730 l (192 US gal), water 150 l (39 US gal), 2 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • With Volvo Penta D6 2×330 HP                       € 357.900

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