Scanner Envy 710, the real forte

With over 200 Scanner Envy 710 out and about, it’s the bestseller of the boatyard. But also the pioneer of a winning series.
Two hundred units sold it’s a valuable business card for a rib which doesn’t show its age. Despite an 11-year-old project, the creature of Montemitro Design is still sold and produced like hot cakes. I am at Cantiere Nautico Piccaluga on Lago Maggiore, Italy, ready to test one of the latest Envy 710 before its delivery. Since 2006 only few refinements have been necessary to keep the model up to date.


Scanner Envy 710 in 4 points

  •  I like the look of this Envy 710 Scanner. Merit also goes to the owner, who asked for these color combinations that exalt the aesthetics. The hull and the lower part of the tubular are black, the rest is white with dark red inserts. A perfect touch is the large use of teak for the flooring.


  •  The ribs by Montemitro Design have in the fiberglass hull a key role in giving shape and personality to the whole, and the choice is exalted in the Envy series which is appreciated for the peculiar yet rational design. Among the many details, I appreciate the stainless steel rails running along the fiberglass perimeter and the robust teak-covered steps to access the swim platform and the bow pulpit.


  •  The U-shaped aft bench is served by a folding table, hinged to the single stand-up post for the driver. The high console structure has plenty of space for instruments on the dashboard and is protected by a compact windshield. To bow, the sundeck is embedded in fiberglass and extends to the console, without the usual removable element: it’a choice by the owner which I don’t agree on, although there’s a large storage compartment underneath.

The key points of
the Envy series are
the peculiar look
and the rational layout


  •  A note of merit goes to some details that emphasize the designer’s care. The bow winch is almost completely hidden below the deck and its locker opens between the two speakers of the hi-fi system. The awning is not recessed somewhere, just rested behind the aft bench: never in the way, it doesn’t hinder the aesthetics but can be placed in a wink.


Scanner Envy 710, the test

The lake is calm, but with a Mercury Verado 300 in the back you can have big fun. Very much so: the performance (for the record, we have a steel 19″ three-blade Mercury Enertia prop) is almost thrilling, with almost 60 knots at 6,000 rpm. The paradox is that, because of the extremely steady and balanced behavior of The Envy 710, there’s a little lack of thrill even at those speeds. It means, a constant feeling of safety.
Time to read the chrono: 3,8 seconds are enough to plane, another 5,7 take us to 30 knots. As for the fuel consumption, it’s relevant at the higher pace but cruising at a reasonable 25 knots it gets to an affordable 40 liters per hour. Should you need to save any drop, try the minimum planing speed (11 knots, 2000 rpm) and the engine will sip just 13 lph, like a city car.

Whats not city-car like is the seaworthiness: Scanner Envy 710 is more like a classy GT, as proven when I cross my wake. The reaction is polite and balanced, with a smooth entrance and a steady exit. In a way it’s surprising, in another way it isn’t at all.

The numbers of Scanner Envy 710

  • Length overall                         7.07 m (23ft 2in)
  • Inner length                             6.50 m (21ft 4in)
  • Beam                                         2.48 m (8ft 2in)
  • Inner beam                              2.10 m (6ft 11in)
  • Tubula diameter                     0.60-0.55 m (24-22 in)
  • Chambers                                 5
  • Material                                    Orca hypalon neoprene, 1670 dtex
  • Displacement                          1100 Kg
  • Draft                                          0.34 m (13,5 in)
  • Max output                              320 HP
  • Fuel tank                                  220 l (58 US gal)
  • Fresh water tank                     70 l (18 US gal)
  • Passengers                               14
  • CE certification                       B
  • Design                                       Montemitro Design


        rpm    knots      mph      lph        nm/l    range*    dB

  • 600        2,5        2,9        2,0         1,25       220       57
  • 1000      4,4        5,1         5,0         0,88     155        58
  • 1500      5,6        6,4         6,9         0,81      143        60
  • 2000     7,2        8,3         13,0       0,55      97          64
  • 2500     9,7        11,2        21,0       0,46      81          70
  • 3000     15,0     17,3        30,0      0,50      88          73
  • 3500     24,0     27,6       38,0      0,63       111         75
  • 4000     27,0     31,1       44,0       0,61       108        75
  • 4500     33,0     38,0      61,0       0,54       95          76
  • 5000     37,0     42,6      71,0        0,52       92          77
  • 5500     42,0     48,3      90,0       0,47       82          80
  • 6000    59,0      67,9      112,0      0,53       93          84

*(20% reserve)

Test conditions

  • Calm lake, clean hull, fuel 100 l (26 US gal), no fresh water, two passenger

Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • W/out engine                    € 36,000

Did you know that there’s a Scanner rib with mahogany transom?

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