Finally also Evinrude has the joystick, and it’s called iDock

The two-stroke engines from BRP can count on the maneuvering joystick: its name is Evinrude iDock, and it comes on the market to fill one of the few remaining voids.
Let’s be honest: the name is not the most original. This time the “i-Anything” Apple-ish definition comes from the Canadian giant Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP): for their Evinrude engines they follow this naming attitude, dubbing the maneuvering joystick Evinrude iDock.


Evinrude iDock works with all the G2 engines, 150 to 300 HP

If the name is not a revolution, even the timing comes when most of the outboard producers have already introduced similar solutions. Still, this does not reduce the importance of the event for those whose boat mounts twin Evinrude E-TEC G2, 150 to 300 HP.

Simple docking
even in the most
difficult situations

Evinrude iDock allows you to easily maneuver the boat with the joystick even in adverse conditions, such as powerful winds, strong tides, etc: as with other similar systems, you can move the boat sideways or make it turn on herself with a simple touch. The aeronautical gyroscopic sensor makes iDock more intuitive to drive, automatically compensating for wind and tide, and when more power is needed to win over these factors, a little more force on the joystick engages the boost mode doubling the thrust.


Evinrude iDock is fully integrated and directly connects to the Evinrude E-TEC G2 hydraulic steering system, reducing the cost of components and the space needed on the transom. In addition, by using the existing E-TEC G2 engine architecture, installation times are minimized: Evinrude iDock models follow the same installation process of every E-TEC G2 engine: less than an hour of in-water configuration. This allows the Evinrude iDock system to be offered at an indicative, very competitive price of € 6999 euros for the complete package consisting of joystick, module and hydraulic system. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines with iDock will be sold in pairs and will be available from Autumn 2017.

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