Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile: it’s all in an app

Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile connects any outboard engine with its owner and the service point.
If it’s not a “talking” outboard, we’re not too far away from it. Technology is changing the machines and their relationship with men, and the new Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile system is a good example. It is, in few words, an interface between the history and the life of the engine, the user and especially the service center, who has toy know everything about the unit to be able to intervene and maintain it in full efficiency.


Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile: a new relationship

In the past, the relationship among outboard motor, owner and service point was linked to the perception and interpretation of engine “signals”: noise, smoke or the presence of cooling water jet. Then came the first analog instruments, including lights and alarms, but all with a fairly empirical precision, not enough to offer a diagnostic service.
More recently, thanks to the advent of electronics, digital instruments took over and became a more reliable and efficient monitoring system, raising standards in terms of information, accuracy and reliability. It became possible to obtain complete and accurate information from ECUs. Unfortunately, even in this case, the engine had to be brought to the workshop to get diagnostic data, or the technician had to reach the boat, even for simple monitoring, that is to download the data from the engine control unit.

Acquiring all the info
about the engine simply
Framing and storing
A QR Code

Suzuki have always been working to simplify life for their customers, and therefore the difficulty of getting the data has been solved with an ingenious yet simple and cutting-edge solution: the creation of a “diagnostic application“. The Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile is based on a free application (available for iOS and Android devices), allowing the user to acquire all information about the engine by simply framing and storing a QR (Quick Response) code.
The two-dimensional barcode is generated by the same electronic engine control unit, which sends it to the MFG multi-function display present on all Suzuki outboard engines, from DF9.9B to DF350A.Suzuki-diagnostic-system-mobile_2 (2)The user will have simply start the application on the smartphone, frame the QR code on the display, store it on his phone as an image and attach it to a mail to be sent to his trusted service point. Thanks to the QR code, the service will get salient information about the outboard: model, year of construction and serial number. But also the ones about its operation: engine hours and at which speed, any recorded faults, the time since last oil change etc.

It is easy to understand why the Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile marks a major step in the effectiveness with which the Japanese builder and their service network will be able to support their customers. With the use of the application, Suzuki technicians will be informed in real time of the status of each outboard, further reducing the timing of any intervention and making it even more effective.
Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile is part of more “Customer Care” initiatives aimed at putting customers at the center, so that they perceive the Japanese manufacturer’s support while using their outboard. We recall “My Suzuki“, the private area within the website, reserved for Suzuki motors: here you can consult the information and history of your engine in real time, the online agenda and download some documents, such as the warranty certificate: a service that enhances the capillary network of Suzuki Dealers and Service Centers.
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