The new Raymarine Axiom Multifunction Displays on test. What can(‘t) they do?

The new Raymarine Axiom range comes with a new operating system accelerated by a Quad-Core heart, without the need for a black box. And there’s also Chirp technology with the RealVision 3D sonar to display three-dimensional images of the sea bottom.
The Axiom name means three new products from Raymarine: one is the new multifunction display range available in 7, 9 and 12 inch format, the second is the built-in Lighthouse 3 operating system, without the need for a black box, which allows these new products to respond faster and more intuitively than the previous generation, while the third is the RealVision 3D sonar that, thru Chirp technology, gives extremely detailed images of what it it detects under the boat.
The all-in-one transducer combines the various Sonar Raymarine technologies (Chirp DownVision, Chirp SideVision, High Frequency Chirp and RealVision 3D) into a single, sturdy, fully touchscreen housing, easy to install and with a capacity up to 90 meters to the right, to the left and down below.

Technology made faster
by a powerful
quad-core CPU

To be precise there is also a fourth novelty, because everything is handled by a powerful quad-core processor that dramatically speeds up all the functions, and also manages the menus, data and screens that you can have at the same time on the display.

Above, the detail of some wrecks on the bottom and the position on the cartography with the marked waypoint.
I went testing the new Axiom on Lake Maggiore, near Marina di Verbella, which hosted the press event. A strong wind from the north shook the surface of the lake with short, sharp waves, but taking a glance at the 12-inch Raymarine Axiom touchscreen mounted on the dashboard, the situation changed radically.

Marina-di-Verbella-2-300x185                Marina-di-Verbella-300x185

Two views of the Marina di Verbella docks, in front of a large lawn that also borders the restaurant and the swimming pool.

Not only you can
see the bottom,
you can also rotate
in any direction
in real time

The RealVision 3D screen gave us a clear view of the lake bottom in the area below, behind and beside our boat, rebuilding in real time and in 3D the route along with all that can be around, such as fish, wrecks and obstacles of various kinds. But not only, the touchscreen allows you to easily move the picture on the display in all directions to change the perspective of the bottom while on the move (see the video). Pan, tilt, and zoom functions allow you to examine the 3D image from any angle.

More in general, the entire use of Raymarine Axiom is easy and intuitive, thanks to a redesigned interface.
The first step is the presentation of a schematic menu with icons, to find the needed function right away. With the same usability as a smartphone or tablet, you can access the radar or the echo sounder or camcorder, and all other features, with a touch. Of course, the order of the icons can be managed on custom screens.
Once you have entered the function of your interest, depending on what you select, you can combine multiple screens together, such as cartography on one side and echo sounder on the other, or to have several different visualization modes of the seabed.

LiveView menu commands allow you to easily customize maps display settings and see changes in real-time on navigation display, while adding Smart Context and New Chart modes includes well organized menus with quick access to Simple, Detailed and Fishing mapping modes.

These are, in essence, the main features of the new Raymarine Axiom. Going further into details would mean publishing an operating manual, which you will obviously find inside the package to guide you step by step to all the features. But believe me, it’s very likely that you will discover and understand them by yourselves.
Finally, the indicative prices (excluding VAT), varying for each display depending on model type and functionality:

7 inches: € 745 to € 1.395
9 inches: € 1245 to € 1895
12 inches: € 2645 to € 3295

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